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Steven Borovay, CFP  

My name is Steven Borovay and I have been investing in stocks for over 36 years. I am a CFP(R), licensed since 1988. I was a CFO/Financial principal (series 7, 24 and 27) of a retail brokerage firm, at one time a R.I.A. (Registered Investment Advisor) and worked as a Sr. Financial Analyst for TransAmerica prior to its takeover by Aegon. I tend to heavily invest in one stock as my greatest successes have been taking large positions in certain stocks. Currently all my efforts are focused on WWE and with that comes the risk of gaining or losing credibility with the SA reader. My approach is top down with an emphasis on potential long term growth drivers that come about by fundamental changes in how a company is doing ...More
  • Description: Certified Financial Planner (CFP). Trading frequency: Monthly
  • Interests: Dividend stock ideas & income, Stocks - long
COMPANY This site was created because of my intense desire to make a lot of money for myself, friends and family. I give advise gratis to those I want to succeed. I'm a bottoms up investor seeking stocks that display 3 characteristics: 1. Rapid declines in stock price based on PROGRAM TRADING that tend to over ...More
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Breakdown Of WWE Historical Dividend And Return Of Capital Payouts And Future Value $WWE Dec 22, 2014