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Tech, biotech, small-cap, growth at reasonable price
Steven Bulwa
Tech, biotech, small-cap, growth at reasonable price
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I don't think you are correct that SLP is the leader. There are many companies doing bioinformatics. Dassault recently acquired Accelrys for example.
I have only one point. If you are a tech house why would you land on this company with no unique products or advantage? makes no sense.
Now what? Still a fan?
I think yes but you definitely need a reasonable time horizon. The market is reconsidering biotech right now and that is the primary interpretation of this company.
And what suggests to you that vs competitors SKUL holiday numbers will be good?
As per, why do you place so much faith in the tiny amount of insider buying vs. the much larger amount of insider selling?
Beyond that other problems with your thesis
Your comparisons are not relevent:
ZUMZ is a clothing retailer
Harman primarly makes high end car and home entertainment systems
Beats was acquired for its music industry management acumen, specifically Jimmy Iovine not its overpriced headphones.
The company has no debt but not much cash either
What is the catalyst for shares to move higher?
Consumer electronics and periperals is a terrible investment category in general. Other than AAPL please find another long term winner?
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Its a value trap not value play. There are no barriers to entry in this market therefore no sustainable margins. How man brands would you estimate operate in this segment? There are $15 Chinese manufactured headphones with outstanding sound quality.
Consumer electronic accessories in general in a terrible market for profits. With all the companies with competitive advantages in markets with margins why anyone would invest a dollar in this type of business is beyond me. good luck
I wish you success. For the record with a gun to my I head I would be short AAPL otherwise no position. In the battle of big tech companies I prefer GOOG. Best of luck.
While you may know more about AAPL than a company in another industry, you do not no more about AAPL than larger investors with greater access to the company and management. You have zero information advantage with a company this large and this well covered. I think you also misunderstand the risk here. It may look cheap but the company is so large, long term earning's growth will be extremely difficult. Its simply a factor of finite economies. Remember there has NEVER been a $trillion company. You are making an outsized bet on an event with no precedent. That soundslike a terrible bet for at best a 30% return. I would much rather se you diversified amongst mid cap companies with strong growth prospects, than 1 behemoth company trying to grow larger than any company before it. It's a bad bet from a probability perspective. Good luck.
Stock has been around these levels for over a month. Biotech is volatile right now. I don't see anything specific to SRNE. Chart looks like it may be putting in a bottom here. It was at these levels when I recommended it. Unfortunately biotech took a big hit this year.
Good luck
Hi Pico
I am innocent!! I am a big fan of XON. MRTX I like the insider buying but I prefer XON because of its product diversity. Biotech is difficult right now lots of volatility, nothing I see specific to those companies.
Good luck
SSYS technology is not SLA. Never was. Very strange not to understand this basic fact.
I think my timing was pretty good. You?
I don't see how there is any relationship between sales and debt. The statement that they have a strong balance because the debt is very low relative to revenue is not meaningful from any accounting perspective that I am aware of. The company isn't profitable so any debt is a concern. Maybe debt to equity or debt to income(none) but debt to revenue, especially of a profitless company is not an indicator of anything. Sorry and good luck.
I can't pick one its too much risk. If I can only buy 1 its XON
I admit I am more of a biotech guy. Harder for me to make an assessment of their energy technology. I will leave that to others. Thanks
Thank you. I think they beat but how the market interprets it is something I can't predict.
Thanks for the kind comment. You may have your chance today! Good Luck
Sorry about the typo, it is 8! Submitted the correction. Thanks!
Did you see my article on HALO? Thnx
That was a good move. I think its attractive again now. Good luck.
What about MVIS suggests their tech is the best? I was interested in this company many years ago but at this point I think they have exhausted any credibility.
I don't see where it says that Marijuana arrests generally result in incarceration. I don't think this stock is worth shorting on this personally. Interesting but not compelling.
What about all the insider sales?
This comment is without valuable information just hype.
The problem with this company is the capital/share structure. Over 100million shares outstanding and long way from profitability which means more dilution at low prices. Also if this was a strong tech company why did they come public in such an unusual low profile way.
Also you should really mention RWLK in an article discussing this field.
Not saying either is better but pretty glaring omission in any analysis of competitive environment.
I think the problem is you don't read you just want to talk. I don't scream anything, I said I believe the risk reward here is positive and for speculative portfolios I would allocate an appropriate proportion to the stock. No screaming anything. The study is blind they don't know what caused the reactions so they will investigate. If you don't think the risk reward is positive or you don't enjoy that type of investing then you should stick to your methods but please don't make false claims about the content or intention of my article. Thank you
Did you read the article? or the company's 10k? the advantages are clearly outlined.
I think I addressed safety as well as I could deduce. If I knew the absolute answer there would be no discussion of what action to take now.