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I like Singapore, just didn't make the top 5 statistically. I mentioned EPHE a few months ago here ( but not Singapore recently. I will do so. Thanks.
Keep trying. I'm surprised they rejected the idea. At times it seems there is no concept they won't apply to an ETF.
Interesting. You may want to exclude the US to give it a more exclusive international appeal. BARC is as memorable. There could be a spin-off, like the Dogs of BARC.
"Our genius ain't appreciated around here... let's scram!" Moe
Still feel that way huntergirl? Oh no, it appears you've dis-appeared.
I agree with Robert Kientz on this one. Gold and silver have been rallying. I don't know how other commentators expect a rally to begin but certainly the recent gains in silver and gold more than qualify as such.
Thanks Don. I'm checking out your link right now.
Good point. I think this is a trend which will only exacerbate what I see is a permanent downtrend for the US dollar.
Good point. I've been watching platinum and am well aware of its recent activity. As for SA writers, not a lot of coverage, but also not a lot of interest (which translates into views and followers, so I'm told). Are you trading platinum futures? I don't think there are any particularly active ETFs. Perhaps you can educate me?
Thanks +GF+.
I think the use of gold as a reserve currency is logical and necessary. Central banks should and do own gold for that reason. And the spike in prices is rightfully anticipated as confidence in paper currencies continues to dwindle. Realistically, what would you rather have, paper currency which is no better than an IOU or gold, or any other real asset for that matter? Unless we believe that debasing currency can continue ad infinitum then owning gold, silver and other real assets is mandatory.
"What good is 50 pounds of gold in the car when there are border guards ready to ask why you have it and weather tax has been paid or is being evaded." True, but I would guess this presumes the world has collapsed and you're on the run with your wealth. Until the end of the world materializes ETF's should suffice.
I concur.
Thanks blueice. I like "Gyro Zone". I might borrow it if you don't mind. This is my first piece in more than a year for Seeking Alpha but I plan to write regularly, so please follow me here. You can also find me at other sites, most notably the Motley Fool Blog Network.