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Steven R. Smith

I started in business in retail credit, then loan servicing, loan origination, loan administration, title insurance, real estate sales and sales management and loan brokerage; before entering the field of appraisal.

My undergraduate degree is in Real Estate Finance, and Masters is in Real Estate Appraisal.

Starting with a S&L, I was trained to do 3+ reports per day with reckless abandon. I peaked in 1977 with an all time record of 129 appraisals in one month. Later I learned that it took 10 years to break all the bad habits learned in the 1st year.

I have served on local, regional and national Appraisal Institute Committee’s and the Board of Directors of several appraisal organizations ...More
  • Description: Analyst. Trading frequency: Infrequent
  • Interests: REITs
Smith Realty Advisors We provide valuation analysis at a variety of levels and for a wide range of clients. This includes original appraisals, feasibility analysis or market studies, as well as forensic and review appraisal services. Testimony has been provided in everty type of civil litigation where valuation issues are a ...More
Inland CA Appraisers Forum This group provides help for REA's on issues of mutual interest from client pressures, to education and credentials. Journeymen, vocational, professional, retired and trainee appraisers are welcome for their knowledge, insights or questions. Real estate values are location specific, economic forces may ...More
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