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Why won't any website mention that Freeport McMoRan is reporting today before market open? Such a strange oversight.
With the stock up 8.8% since my article, I want to reiterate my confidence that this stock will go higher in the next year. However, given our recent run, I would consider waiting for a pullback to get in. If you are looking for an entry but afraid to wait, put on a small position now and add more as the price comes in.
Personally, fearing such a pullback is inevitable, I have pared back my holdings in many names, including this one. I have locked in my gains thus far and currently have no position in this stock. However, I plan to begin building a position again when the stock reaches $45.00/share. If the stock never drops that far, I will reevaluate for a new point of entry.
Thank you for your thoughtful response. By "widely used," I was trying to point out simply that 3G phones were widely used; that was not to say that Qualcomm is "widely used" within 3G. That certainly would have been an understatement. In fact, later in the article I mention the legal woes caused by Qualcomm's monopoly in this technology.
While I agree that 3G still sees growth potential, particularly in emerging cell phone markets that are still upgrading to 3G technology, long term growth has been questioned due to the eventual transition to 4G technology - an area where Qualcomm has far less entrenchment. This is why I focused on Qualcomm's other very exciting ventures, especially it's Snapdragon chipset, which could become a standard for future smartphones, smartbooks, and netbooks.
As for brewer, he has done nothing but pump Apple incessantly and obsessively during his time on the site, so don't expect him to give Qualcomm any recognition.
On Oct 12 12:50 AM San Diego QCOM watcher wrote:
> "brewer" Neither you nor Stock Doc seem to understand that QCOM owns
> the essential IP for all 3G, including the iP3Gs. Stock Doc understated
> QCOM's position with "One of Qualcomm's core revenue sources is its
> ownership of CDMA technology, which is widely used in 3G mobile phones
> throughout the world."
> CDMA/WCDMA is not just "widely used, but totally used in all 3G and
> QCOM gets royalties on everything that it doesn't sell with it's
> own incomparable 3G chips. Incomparable because no other chip vendor
> has anything like the "Gobi" chip that works on all major cellcos
> in the USA, (yep, VZW, AT&T, Sprint & T-Mobile) and most
> cellcos in the rest of the world.
> Finally, the only thing a potential investor needs to know about
> QCOM in addition to them profiting from all 3G is that of the ~4
> billion cellfone accounts in the globe now, only around 1 billion
> are 3G. All the cellcos who can afford the capex will install 3G
> and stop selling 2G kit to be able to make more money. That's growth
> potential. And, oh yes, there will eventually be somewhere around
> 4-5X the number of cellfones in M2M (machine to machine) modules
> using the 3G networks for industrial equipment monitoring and consumer
> devices such as e-book readers from Amazon and others.
> Cheers
> Close follower of QCOM in San Diego
> PS: Do you know anything about Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless,
> or BREW?