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I say if your going to gamble on a dividend and value proposition, then wait till it gets to $15, and use your gambling money.
Is this the element that will transform Micron from selling a commodity? If so, let's say hello to a 25, 50, 75 or above PE this I'd as good as it seems.
Would you?
It is a very sad reality. Just like buybacks. Spending money on buying your own stock instead of investing in Capex and increasing worker wage and benefits. A total waste of money.
Do you know of a LL lawsuit or lawyer with cancer as the result?
Bad decision to get an education and try to better themselves?
Key phrase "according to our central bankers."
I would be happy with $10 oil. I work for a living.
Apparently your not a millenial. We don't want to be like previous generations. And that is where companies of the future with thrive or die.
My generation wants a new car. but with low wages and student loan payments, we can't afford it. Until this changes, I won't invest in anything to do with automobiles
This is going to be huge!
And the M&A starts, the beginning of the gold stock bull market again. I've been invested for the first time in gold stocks since Nov lows via Golden Dividends motif
I'll take your bet and raise you 5 goats
Ditto, bought $5 Dec call options yesterday morning, sold today, tripled in one day
I blame God. He's like a little kid with a magnifying glass.
Honestly, who really gives a sh*t what religion he is? Instead of conversing about what counts, we are preoccupied with non issues that waste our valuable energy. Is this Seeking Alpha or Fox News?
A stronger dollar and lower oil will FUEL Chinese economic growth. With deflation in the US with the improved spending power of the US consumer, exports from China will increase. Buy the dip.
Exactly! They are cutting costs before it's too late. If only that meant good things for SLCA. Made a purchase at $30, waiting until $10 to add again.
Agreed, this is why i recently purchased a motif of dividend paying gold stocks for my mother's IRA account. Also, since the dollar has strengthened, the real cost of wages while doing business has also decreased.
Agrred. The correlation between the top 50 should be close to 1, period.
I'm assuming you have never had your identity stolen. From personal experience, it can turn your life upside down. Wage garnishments, closed credit cards. The only way to get it straightened out is if the person can get convicted or sign off on the debts. 2 weeks vacation time to get everything straightened out. Automobile and Health insurance are also two products that also lessen or eliminate liability.
I'm currently beating the hell out of VIG over the past two years. Sometimes it's too easy to beat accepted strategies. And yes, this is a dividend growth portfolio
long term buy, enough said. At least lower energy prices are going to make a difference.
Really? Who cares. Must be a slow news day.
Love the site, very good way to test what you believe could be the next money maker and all with real returns!
My best returns to date: or
Search #growingasia on Twitter. About 125% return and only invests in growing asian companies. Might be better than an ETF, you decide.
It doesn't scare me since I plan on holding my position for a bit and adding to it in a month if XIV and ZIV are even lower. I'll even take some money out of savings to double down on these jewels. It's the best example of profiting from fear. If my investment is cut in half, I've got plenty of ammo for tomorrow.
Took profits off my VXX shorts from January 2013 and transitioned to holding XIV and ZIV. When the inverse VIX ETF rise again, they will do very quickly.