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I am a value investor. I like to daytrade and ride stocks upward on good news and earnings beats. 2013 had a lot of those, but 2014 - not so much.

I am very new to investing and trading, and got into the market in late 2012 after pretend-investing for a few months, but I have had good luck so far.

I recently decided to try my hand at article writing, as I often leave rather detailed and lengthy comments on other articles. The amount of revisions required to get an article published was a bit discouraging, and did not allow me to mention opportunities in a timely fashion, so now I am back to just commenting.

In 2013, I was the windshield.

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  • Description: Occasional Investor. Trading frequency: Weekly
  • Interests: Options, REITs, Tech stocks
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Have been starting to unwind positions since Friday last week. (Yes, in this tax year) Last few days have me nervous and suspicious. -Mike Dec 10, 2014