Stock Reversals

Growth at reasonable price, contrarian, value, deep value
Stock Reversals
Growth at reasonable price, contrarian, value, deep value
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Market just completed a 5 wave decline yesterday. Anyone who doesn't understand that is going to get smoked if short.
negative interest rates has to be the dumbest move in history for these moronic bankers.
If people understood Elliott Wave patterns they would be on cash
opec is no longer an entity
same idiot who bough xon at 45 and it went to 19
You sound like an unseasoned investor. Much going on under the covers besides oil
1977 was our target back on January 21st
the banks need to stop meddling and let free markets adjust
Much of the selling of OIl has to do with sovereign nations dumping it as much as they can to raise cash. Its almost hilarious that OPEC has not slowed up production because they are cutting off their nose to spite their faces. Any jump to 32-38 a barrel will produce more sellers really, which is why it dropped so hard today after a 2 day short covering paper rally
commercial real estate is a huge wild card
A rally to 1977-2000 on the SP 500 would be a normal bear cycle rally actually and would NOT negate a further decline to new lows this year.
better question for author is "are you buying"?
1977 is our target and 9800 for nyse
Only a band aid bear rally
at 1812 today sp500 hit a 250% extension of wave 1. Also the NYSE bottomed at 8937 making the current down leg the same length as the may to September downleg. This probably marked the A bottom of this Bear cycle. A B wave up now due...then C later back down
1882 was a double Fibonacci convergence
SA says they dont publish TA articles, and yet they selectively publish some and not others... they cant have it both ways.
technology doesn't care about deflation
I submitted an article they declined because it was too TA in nature...yet they publish this?
Short of them buying Amazon they won't penetrate here
Like we said we have it going to $25
We have market in possible Bull Flag...1965 key support. 2177 target
it is like buying Amazon stock many years back when it was $12 and everyone thought they were just selling books
Love your style
AVXL no matter needs the 300 patient trial, this will take years... nobody yet has come up with a working Alzheimers drug
Our August caution comments above were that only 12 patients is way way early... would need 300 patient trial to get real results... skeptical still considering nobody has come up with an Alzheimers breakthrough ever
Nice work, but we got long at $9 when we saw a truncated C wave from the ABC correction. Truncated C waves indicate that sellers have exhausted themselves much sooner than bears thought they would. Our target was 18.40 and remains so by year end.
Best of luck