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Thomas H. Kee Jr., is President and CEO of Stock Traders Daily. The Stock of the Week Strategy offered by Stock Traders Daily may be the best performing strategy on the market since December, 2007 (before the credit crisis), and "The Investment Rate" is arguably the best measure of the... More
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  • Stock Of The Week

    In market environments like what we are in today traders are doing much better than investors. However, given what has happened to the market since January 1, 2000, traders have arguably fared better than buy and hold investors for quite awhile. Although some investors are now as giddy as ever because the market is still relatively close to all time highs, the truth is that anyone who has been invested in anything that has tracked the market has had meter returns over the past 13 years.

    More specifically, the S&P 500 is up only about 10% since December 2007, and all of those gains came this year. Of course, anyone who bought at the ultimate bottom did very well, but in order to buy at bottoms like that investors must first be willing to sell at relative highs. Otherwise, instead of actually making money, buy and hold investors are simply recovering without making any positive headway.

    At Stock Traders Daily we recognize the dilemma here, because what if the market continues to increase? Investors do not want to be left out if the market continues to increase, so they are unwilling to sell sometimes, but a better idea might be to transition the investment strategy without exiting the market completely. By transition I mean switching from a strategy that is designed to ebb and flow with the market to one that is not correlated to the market at all.

    One said strategy is the Stock of the Week strategy offered by Stock Traders Daily. This strategy is up over 250% since December 2007, against the S&P 500 which is up only about 11%, and the reason is risk control, but there are obviously other factors at play. This Stock of the Week strategy is not short the market all the time of course, in fact last week the strategy bought Adobe Systems Incorporated (NASDAQ:ADBE) and sold it for a 3% gain. Sometimes, if necessary, this strategy will adjust to the short side, but people who follow a strategy like this do not need to watch the market all the time.

    Instead of being glued to a computer like many risk control strategies require you can actually enjoy your day, do your job, play golf, or do whatever it is that you need to do while taking advantage of this strategy at the same time. This is a viable strategy, it can work in any market environment, and if there is any risk that the market declines like it did twice already since the turn of the millennium than a strategy like this deserves attention, but it is important to understand that it is not difficult to use.

    With tools already provided by brokerage firms such as Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:IBKR), Charles Schwab Corp (NYSE:SCHW), TD Ameritrade Holding Corp. (NYSE:AMTD), E TRADE Financial Corporation (NASDAQ:ETFC) , and any other online brokerage firm available to you, the ability to place conditional orders already exists and this Stock of the Week strategy is based on conditional orders.

    The best way to evaluate the Stock of the Week Strategy is to first see why it is so attractive and then see it in action. With a firsthand account the effectiveness of this strategy becomes clear.

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  • Our Competitive Advantage In Down Markets

    The Stock Market has become volatile, (NYSE:VXX) was up almost 12% on Thursday, which tells us that the fear gauge is increasing, technical support levels have begun to break, and because everyone knows the FOMC has been the driver of asset prices Smart Money recognizes that a meaningful correction can come. Furthermore, my macroeconomic work, The Investment Rate, tells us that the rate of change in the natural flow of new investment dollars in the United States declines aggressively starting at the end of 2012 and for the next handful of years.

    Everything considered, this is not unlike what we have seen before, and the fact is that if the Market does decline and if the economy does retract to the level at which it would be without FOMC stimulus, those who are left holding the bag will again experience severe wealth destruction like they have after the Internet Bubble, the Credit Crisis, and now probably after the Stimulus Bubble too.

    Mostly because they do not think they have an option, individual investors usually take the brunt of the pain, but as individual investors we are much more nimble than institutions, we have the ability to control our risk much better than they, and we can actually incorporate proactive strategies that are efficient in any market environment as a result.

    An example is a strategy offered by Stock Traders Daily that is called the Lock and Walk Strategy. This Strategy has a few features, but it is best described using the video link below.

    · The strategy is market-based, focusing on the NASDAQ.

    · It is never actually short so it is okay for IRAs.

    · It trades (NYSE:QID) and (NYSE:QLD) exclusively.

    · It has integrated risk controls.

    · It has no overnight risk.

    · It can work when the market increases

    · It can work when the market declines

    · It can work when the market trends sideways.

    · It can be automated using Trend Tracker.

    But possibly best of all to those who like to chase performance, it also has bettered the S&P 500 by 56.7% since January 2010. Since Jan 2010 The Lock and Walk Strategy offered by Stock Traders Daily is up 61.3% versus the S&P 500, which is up only 39.11%. That means that this risk-controlled strategy has beaten the market handily even during one of the most aggressive bull market runs we have ever witnessed, but there is a catch.

    Proactive strategies require a little more work, even if you automate them, but if the market declines as The Investment Rate suggests, as the Smart Money seems to think right now, and as the VIX seems to be telling us, and if the FOMC lets the economy go it alone for a while, the reversion to the mean could cause serve undulation that could be completely avoided by using a proactive strategy and that little extra work could make a significant difference.

    Lock and Walk video explanation:

    See the Strategy in real time:

    If you would like to see this strategy or investigate the other proactive strategies offered by Stock Traders Daily you are welcome to do so:

    Thank you.

    Thomas H. Kee Jr.

    President and CEO

    Stock Traders Daily.

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  • Forward-Dated Emails Expose Flaw In Google's Android OS

    By Thomas H. Kee Jr., Stock Traders Daily

    An overlooked but potentially extremely important operating flaw exists in Google's (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android Operating system that can cause businesses and individuals to miss important emails. Thus far nothing has been done to correct these operating errors, a Verizon Manager (NYSE:VZ) who cannot be named investigated this issue within the past 30 days, he checked all available technical channels and concluded that it was the first they have heard of this problem too, but the problem could have been going on for over a year.

    Here is what happens:

    Unless you are unlike the rest of us you get tons of spam every day, and these spammers have been getting better and better at getting you to read their emails. One of the ways some of them have been doing this is to change the received date that displays on your device when you receive the email. I call this forward-dating because they make the received date sometime in the future. I have seen it as long as one entire week in the future, but they are usually less than that. For example, if they want their email to be on the top of the list of emails you have for an entire hour they could reasonably change the received date on their spam email to one hour from now. This causes problems for some operating systems, but not all of them.

    Specifically, Google's Android sorts email based on date/time stamped on the email (something the spammers have learned to manipulate), so the spammers are taking advantage of that. Android puts the newest email at the top of the list, and that keeps forward-dated emails at the top of the list even though they may have come in at an earlier time, but Android does more than just sort by the spammer's received date. Android also restricts the system from checking the server for email received before the most recent email in the system. If that most recent email is a forward-dated spam email Android will not bring in new emails until such time as the received date on the next email on the server is greater than the received date of the spam email. When this type of a system is used and the last received email date is an hour from now all of the emails that might otherwise have been received between now and an hour from now will not pass through, and that is bad enough, but there is more.

    Android does check for emails that may have come into the server earlier, but the OS seems to limit the back-checking to one hour. Android will compare current time and check for any emails that have come into the server between now and one hour ago, or up to the last received email, whichever is less. This has something to do with their 'email check' features, this can help prevent missed emails too, but that is not enough. Because the system does not check emails that are on the server past one hour ago the email software can miss emails completely if the forward-dated email is not corrected, and if users rely on Android only they can miss important emails completely too. If one hour goes by and nothing was done to fix the date on the spam email with the time/date in the future the emails that would have come through on the handheld will not make it.

    Real World Example:

    This happens every day, I see it clearly all the time, but it is most pronounced at night. Here is an example. Last night I received a spam email with a manipulated received date/time that was four hours ahead of the actual time it was received ( I will explain how I know this below). Then, the next email I received on my handheld came in almost four hours after that (after the received time stamped in the spam email). Upon investigation I realized that over 20 emails had come in during that four hour gap (the dark space), but none of them showed on my handheld device. Most of these emails were spam, but one was an invoice from Verizon for $1000, and had I not known about this problem I could have missed that email altogether.

    Luckily, all of us who still own PCs and Laptops and run email programs like Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) Outlook, which sounds archaic in this era, do not have this same problem. I checked my Outlook, which sorts email based on when they come in, not the received date falsified by the spammers, and it caught every email that came through our servers. There is where I discovered that twenty emails had not made it to my handheld, and it is there that this Verizon Invoice was also found. If I had only relied on Android I would have missed this critical email.

    Reasonably this problem is not easily identified by most people. In fact, it might not be noticed at all by people who use Yahoo, Gmail, or any other public email service, but those who have private email servers that are managed by them or the companies they work for can have this problem. Even so it may be hard to identify this problem, but imagine the consequences.

    Worst case scenario:

    Imagine expecting an email from your boss, who was traveling in China, so when you woke up the first thing you were going to do is check for his email and get your new task. You sleep comfortably, wake up, check your email, but there is nothing from your boss. When he returns he asks, 'did you get that project done for me?' You scratch your head before responding, but you have no clue what he is talking about. He says he sent you the email he promised, but you never received it, and it was all due to this operating flaw in the Android Operating System.

    Later you discover that a spam email came in at midnight, it was forward-dated to five hours from the time it was actually received, and that prevented all other emails from coming through. Your boss sent the email at 1 AM, but because it was in the 'dark space' it never got to your handheld, you missed the assignment, and your boss is not happy.

    Fix the Problem:

    There is nothing an end user can do to fix the problem other than to watch out for forward-dated spam emails and delete them when they come in. If you delete them normal emails will flow regularly, but if these forward dated spam emails are left in the Android OS normal new emails will not flow until the received date on the new emails is greater than the forward date of the spam email. That means you need to monitor the email through Android carefully, and so long as you delete each one you have nothing to worry about. That sounds like work, but it is doable during our waking hours, but what about when we sleep? This is where the risks run high of missing important emails.

    Aside from adjusting your server to reject forward-dated emails there is nothing an end user can do to prevent this problem from recurring. Google's Operating system continues to have this flaw and that poses big risks to small businesses that have begun to rely on any Smartphone operated by Android.

    Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.

    Business relationship disclosure: By Thomas H. Kee Jr., Stock Traders Daily, and neither Mr. Kee or Stock Traders Daily receives compensation from the companies mentioned in this article for writing this article.

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