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Thomas H. Kee Jr., is President and CEO of Stock Traders Daily and author of 'Top of the Market to You!' Mr. Kee's reports and analysis are currently featured by Reuters Research to their institutional clients. He serves on the board of many companies and provides economic analysis and... More
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  • The US Market, after the crisis in Japan

    Included in this email:

    ·         After Japan

    ·         Concerns

    ·         Investing at market peaks

    ·         Alternatives

    ·         Using Risk control as a facilitator for growth

    After Japan, the Market experienced an emotional drubbing and then bounced back.  The emotional knee jerk reaction was a great place to cover shorts and get long for a short while, but what happens now?  I am going to offer a list of concerns, and then provide a solution.


    ·         High Oil prices

    ·         High Food Prices

    ·         High Gasoline Prices

    ·         Declining Home Prices

    ·         Restricted Consumer Budgets

    ·         High unemployment Rate

    ·         Extremely low labor participation rate

    ·         Inability to pass through higher costs

    ·         Tightening Corporate Margins

    ·         European Debt Crisis

    ·         US Debt Crisis (not yet being addressed)

    ·         US States Debt crisis

    ·         Higher taxes on a state level

    ·         Interest Rate risk (higher rates loom)

    ·         Slowing Global Economy

    ·         Slowing US Economy

    ·         Questions about a double dip

    ·         QE2 coming to an end

    ·         Recent earnings have been bad

    ·         What will this earnings season look like?

    ·         The Investment Rate …

    Do you want to invest in an environment like this?

    The resounding theme, during the past trading session at least, has been that the US is the only place for investors to turn, so the market would naturally increase.   However, that is a feeble reason to make any substantial investments.  It may be a great reason to trade, but it is a lousy reason to make material investments for the long term.  In fact, making material investments at market peaks does not make sense either.  Material investments are best made at market troughs, and then sold when the market peaks instead.  We are now at a market peak.  So selling long term positions not only makes sense based on the risks stated above, but it also makes sense given the relative peak we are witness to today.

    What are the alternatives?

    This is one of the best alternatives I can provide.  Our Swing Trading Strategy is capable of making money in any market environment, it can work regardless of market direction, and regardless of the risks listed above, and should the market continue higher or turn lower, it can work as well.  Find the return figures below, and sign up for a free trial to see the strategy in action.

    Performance is a natural byproduct of risk control:

    Automated QID - QLD Performance Records [Swing Trading]



    1 Day

    1 Week

    1 Month



    % Return






    *these returns have been reduced by 10% to account for sway.  For example, the YTD return is actually 18.5%

    If you are interested in controlling your risk and realizing returns in any market environment take a look at what we do.  Swing Trading & The Investment Rate


    Good Trading.

    Thomas H. Kee Jr.

    President and CEO

    Stock Traders Daily



    Tags: QID, QLD, japan
    Mar 24 8:55 AM | Link | Comment!
  • Eastern Medicine meets Wall Street Guru

    When risks increase investors become troubled.  Stock Traders Daily recognizes this, and has introduced a Wellness Program geared towards achieving Perfect Health and Financial Stability. 

    Qualified investors have access to Managed Wealth programs at Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS), Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS), Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC), and Bank of America (NYSE: BAC), but that only covers half of what people need.  This new Program, Managed Health, is not your every day health and wellness program, or a typical Managed Wealth Program.  The Managed Health approach is a little different than your doctor’s:   it includes not only your physical and mental health, but your financial well being too.  This combination has been proven to enhance portfolio performance and relieve the burdens that the Market may levy over time.

    Renowned Market analyst, Thomas H. Kee Jr., President of Stock Traders Daily, has devised a program where investors not only receive the risk controls that they need to navigate any market environment, but they also find the clarity they need to make important decisions in everyday life.  This is not an easy task, so choosing the right team was essential. 

    Starting at the top of the food chain, Deepak Chopra is known worldwide for his teachings, and respected for the Eastern Philosophies he has integrated into Western Medicine.  Stock Traders Daily has retained one of the top Chopra - Certified health professionals on the planet, the former Center Director at the Chopra Center for Well Being in Carlsbad, CA, Christie Lees.  She is not only certified by Chopra, but she has personally coached thousands of guests at the Chopra Center, including speaking engagements and corporate consultations for Fortune 500 corporations such as McKesson (NYSE: MCK) and companies with a diversified sales force like Amway.  She is also a Registered Nurse specialized in oncology, and possesses an unmatched ability to listen, understand, and heal.

    Bringing balance to an industry renowned for high stress and a fast pace requires thinking outside of the box, and that is exactly what Thomas Kee has done.  He has coupled his philosophy (profits are a natural byproduct of risk control) with the teachings of Deepak Chopra (Eastern Medicine + Western Medicine) to offer a place where not only the burden of investments are lifted, but a place where the burdens of everyday life no longer impair our happiness.  This unique combination provides their clients an opportunity to find happiness in all aspects of life, not just one.  It has been proven to better personal relationships, business relationships, the quality of life, health, and enhance the performance of investment portfolios over time.     

    For more information about Managed Health, please visit  Free Trials and personal consultations are available.  During the trial Managed Health will be explained.


    Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.
    Tags: GS, MS, WFC, BAC, MCK
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  • Never be hurt by Gap Downs again...

    Lock and Walk:

    Remove overnight risk and never be hurt by gaps lower again.

    Lock and Walk is a strategy I provide to my clients, it removes all overnight market risk from this business, and it also removes the emotions that overwhelm other investors.  It is not an exciting strategy, but it returned 30% last year, so it is very effective.  It also proved itself today.  Have a look, and if you are interested become a paying subscriber.  Listen to the video on this page, a video which also covers Trend Tracker (A free tool that will automate Lock and Walk), and use the form on this page to register and give it a try (it is free to try):

    Results from Tuesday March 15, 2011:  +0.8%.






    2011-03-15 09:56:44


    Our daily profit target has been achieved and it is time to lock in gains. Do not second guess this decision, it is integral to the Lock and Walk Strategy. Come back to participate in the same way again tomorrow. We are the tortoise in the race with the hare. Slow but steady wins over time. Great Job!
    Close (stock QID) near 56.4


    2011-03-15 09:50:11


    Short Alert: Short Under Converted Resistance (2645) target support (2592).
    Buy (stock QID) near 55.95


    2011-03-15 00:01:01

    New day

    A New Day has begun. Thus far there have not been any alerts. Monitor the Alerts Viewer for Today's Trade Alerts.


    ·         Removes all overnight risk

    ·         Takes small gains regularly

    ·         Does not swing for the fences

    ·         Returned approximately 30% in 2010

    ·         A Tortoise vs Hare Strategy

    ·         Automate with trend Tracker (optional)

    Listen to this video and give it a try.

    Good Trading.

    Thomas Kee.

    Tags: QID, QLD, nasdaq
    Mar 15 11:22 AM | Link | Comment!
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