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Ray Dalio expects this deleveraging process to take about another 15 -20 years to complete.
Brazil manufacturing sector is not competent enough and the government resorts to all sundry measures like playing with currency, raising import duties etc..
Moreover it is receiving lot of capital inflows just beacuse the developed markets have no other alternative to park their funds. Hight selic rate hovering around 9% is very attractive for carry trades given zero rate in the US and Europe. The hot money could ruing the economy further as well.
Latin America could prove a solution to this rising demand
List of Companies with large farmland holdings
Brazil has the potential to meet the growing demand. Apart from Bunge, ADM and Cargil, there are host of companies like Brasil foods, Brasil Agro, JBS, Marfrig, Adecoagro (AGRO), SLC Agricola, Tereos Internacional and Cosan available for US investors.
Please look into my article on this
Even after the central bank interest rate cut to 9%, its low compared to US and Europe which are virtually zero. High yields, improved creditworthiness and investment grade ratings make Brazil an investment designation. FDI & other inflows into the high yield capital markets of Brazil have pumped dollars into the country. However the president is known to be a vocal defender of lower interest rated to keep cost of financing low and make Brazilian assets less attractive to outsiders. We can expect real in the range around 1.90