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VISN is obviously sketchy and up on manipulation like so many Chinese stocks, but up 400% on no news doesn't mean it's an automatic short even if the company is worthless. These pos stocks can run further than you think and can stay up for a while and you risk blowing up your account if your logic is just "there's no reason for this runup so it must come down, and I'll stay short no matter what." Just a warning as I've seen this happen plenty of times before.
Yep they can manipulate it very easy. I haven't been trading it.
It seems to be a common consensus that smartwatch sales will number in the billions. A couple of links:
And anyway the fact that AAPL and Samsung are making smartwatches is proof enough there is serious demand. Functions of a smartwatch include being able to send SMS', use the internet etc. just like on a smartphone.
Difficult to see how ONCS is undervalued with a valuation of over $20 million. This is from their latest 10Q:
"We have not generated any revenue from operations since our inception. During the period ended January 31, 2013, we incurred a net loss of $3,648,913. From inception through January 31, 2013, we incurred an aggregate loss of $9,849,641. We expect that our operating expenses will increase substantially over the 2013 fiscal year as we continue to pursue U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) approval for our product candidates. We expect our expenses during our fiscal year ending July 31, 2013 to be approximately $6,400,000, including general and administrative expenses and our mandatory payments to Inovio but excluding the cost of any future acquisitions and development activities. As of January 31, 2013, we had cash and cash equivalents of $8,982,142."
Obviously this article has generated some controversy so I'll make a few points.
1) It is true that Michael Llamas is no longer involved in MJNA, this was a mistake on my part. I have emailed SeekingAlpha to update the article making it clear that he was only a previous member of MJNA's management team. The point about dubious management still stands however as MJNA's management has very little experience running >$200m companies.
2) The fact that you may have made profits holding a marijuana stock for a couple of weeks, or that marijuana stocks haven't completely crashed to their lows is irrelevant to its long term investment potential. I'm not talking about short term stock moves but the fundamentals and profitability of marijuana companies. It should be fairly obvious that the price action and moves these stocks have made is not due to business developments or record sales numbers, but excitement surrounding the possible legalization of marijuana and people speculating that marijuana stocks will become big (in many cases without ever taking a look at the fundamentals of the stock they're buying).
3) CannaVEST (CANV) had $0 in revenues and $163 in cash in their latest 10Q, and no business operations I can see (the website at simply says "launching soon"). They do not have $35 million to pay MJNA, it could only be done in stock.
4) I can't possibly understand why some feel comfortable investing in a company when you have no idea what their financials are (as is the case with HEMP and GRNH).
I am trying to bring light to the fact that marijuana companies do not have strong fundamentals, revenue or cash to keep operations running. That is what really matters more so than anything else.
Update: BRLI has denied the allegations of the lawsuit:
It remains to be seen where this will be headed.
Obviously the author has an enthusiasm for pumping sketchy low float Chinese stocks. Certainly provides some good opportunities to trade, but readers should know that these stocks are extremely risky and should be treated as short term trades only.
There hasn't been any news of importance for PAMT lately, but it's still spiked to near $15 - congrats to longs.
Those press releases are total rubbish, SWVI has no intentions of running a real business, it's as pure a pump & dump as you can get, they are only trying to look legitimate to suck in people like you who are unaware of how schemes like this work.
I have to advise against investing in penny stocks, very very few of them are promising upstarts but rather rubbish stocks with few assets and little to no chance of succeeding (that's why they're penny stocks). It is profitable to trade them but not invest for the long term.
Sykes' service ( which I've been a member of for 2 years teaches about shorting pump & dumps. It can be a very profitable strategy because these stocks are guaranteed to crash at some point, but you are right that finding borrows can be difficult. You need the right brokers. Interactive Brokers and Suretrader (look them up) are very good and I hear Centerpoint Securities also has excellent borrows. And yes you can long pumps too, the best time is usually immediately once they're announced by a powerful promoter group.
PAMT does have resistance at $12, question is can it break past that, if it can that's when we should see a nice spike.
I should mention that a good service for learning how to play stocks like PAMT is Pennystocking Silver (, which is where I learnt most of what I know about trading.
Crazy how well CNCT is running today. Definitely stock psycho's most successful promotion in a while. This one will definitely crash as with all his other promotions.
I believe so, yes.
The key points are that this technology has existed for a long time, and DDD is certainly not yet experiencing "huge growth" (it has only been able to improve its revenue numbers substantially by making acquisitions) - so it's move up from $20 to $60 may be considered excessive.
What do you mean by "shilling"? I have absolutely no affiliation with Citron nor do I stand to gain any way if DDD drops. I'm just offering commentary on Citron's report.
No. SWVI is an utterly worthless pump & dump.
Yes, it certainly seems that SYNC was a huge disaster for the NIA (read my article "Synacor And The NIA: A Tale Of Losses And Red Flags" mentioned above)
Not anymore as it's now down 35% on the day, and all other marijuana stocks are crashing too. Good fun while it lasted.
As with all marijuana related stocks right now, it's not the fundamentals and health of the company that determines whether they spike upwards, but rather hype and speculation for the marijuana industry. This reminds me of the 3D printing craze a couple weeks ago.
MWIP is a payment processor, it seems like a huge stretch to group them in as a marijuana related stock.
I've heard that rumor too.
If you hold a position in a stock (long or short) and are unsure of where it's going, I always say you should get out. You already have a very good return on CIMT so I would sell and take profits. Maybe it runs further but it's a guessing game now in my opinion.
Other 3D printing stocks are running upwards, so ONVO is also running upwards. It's an extremely hot industry right now so most stocks involved in 3D printing are flourishing.
IMSC is having a nice day today, looks like Superman has picked another winner.
Looks like I was wrong about advising against going long on ONVO (though I did believe that a further run was very possible) while CIMT and PRCP are both spiking very nicely. Congratulations to all longs.
It's funny how a lot of the USGT spam emails are just a couple of random sentences, like this one - they've been getting past my gmail spam filters.
IKNX has zero volume, doesn't interest me
Where do I say SYNC is undervalued? When this article was published I said the stock could go either way. The focus of the article is on how NIA has manipulated this stock, not what SYNC's fair valuation is.
boxed most of my position, still suffered some bad losses on this stock though.