Long/short equity, special situations, growth, momentum
Long/short equity, special situations, growth, momentum
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as always he was "talking his book" but limited his discussion just to the six companies i covered - so no tootsie...
that would work for "one dimensional" gabelli fans or those more suited to mutual fund like investments - i always seek to maximize returns by being a "stock picker" thinking that i have the tools and experience to out perform (wish that outcome was always the case...)
thanks for your interest
dhari - that was billion with a "B" - I lost some digits somehow - good catch -SMP
maddy - the companies were examined by yield in descending order - so exelon having the highest current yield was dealt with in part 1 - regarding nuclear i am a fan - the risk of cost overruns is much greater for scana than southern due to the disparity in size of the two companies - looks like we both agree that there are better utility plays than PCG - thanks for your input - smp
ralph -valid comment-i looked at some of my notes and strangely the narrative on pages 7 of their corporate profile in their 2011 annual report states they have 10 operating utility companies operating in six states one of which is listed as new york - looks like others such as yahoo have also picked this up - it would be interesting to see what the company has to say (there are also other references to new york in their report) - at any rate i am worried about the regulatory climate in new york, illinois and california - thanks for your interest -SMP
A state appointed panel in NY described electric companies as "natural monopolies" which need to face tougher penalties for poor performance...
Last year the S&P dogs trailed the S&P 500 - i didn't calculate the actual return however 8 were up and 7 were down - the capital appreciation was essentially flat and as i recall the divdend return was approxiamately six percent - hope that helps - SMP
closing out losing positions by year end for tax reasons is a time honored tradition that is unlikely to change this year - keep in mind some losses are applied against ordinary income and those not offset against gains can be carried forward - also although we expect capital gain rates to increase next year most of us are not going to accelerate capital gains into this year and pay tax out of pocket when we can reduce or eliminate taxes paid out of pocket by using some tax losses...
i don't expect to see any material change in the normal pattern mainly because any losses taken this calendar year can be carried forward(if not used this year)
we are also excited about mawson - we like that fact that it is supported by "blue chip" shareholders like areva, sentient and pinetree capital - now with the rompas claims finally granted the drilling can begin - this could be an entire new gold district - disclosure- long and strong - SMP
we are on board with your thesis of gold stocks having entered into a period (finally) when they out perform the physical metal.
My numbers are straight from the conference call (they may also be verified from EVEP's corporate presentations and sec materials) and thus pertain to the publically traded EV Energy Partners LP (not Enervest and their various affiliates) - do you have any insight you can share with us on Frank well?
thanks for all of your input - SMP
thank you for the input - SMP
Basically it comes down to intangibles - also these are all companies that i either own ,did own or am thinking about - i try to follow a fair amount of companies and then concentrate on what I think are the "best of the best" of the universe that I am involved with...
i am confident that JOY will out perform the market - best of luck to you...
great - nothing beats "boots on the ground" .
I had the same question and was planning to ask when I speak with them - I'm thinking it may be a related party/affliate.
thanks - that is why I do it - as I am invested in the sector I listen to the calls as part of my due diligence and take notes for future reference anyway - hope it helps...
it should be a very busy year in the Utica - I'm especially looking forward to results from the oil window.
Thanks for the kind words.You raise a great question -after falling behind in search and mobile operating systems etc it would not surprise me if they wake up some day and decide they can not afford to repeat the same mistakes and that they do not have enough time to develop an in-house solution - that would mean they would need to make an immediate acquisition of some entity with a sizable position and valuation of the target then might become secondary. Mr.Softie with their cash (earning very little) could even make the case that the acquisition besides being strategic is accretive.
Cummins - perhaps you should reread the article as I am a huge fan of Stans and per the disclosure I am long ...although I am disappointed that they missed their self appointed end of January deadline for news (especially after confirming with them less than 20 days ago that they were on schedule) any rate I will be talking to them again next week.
SP -this article was written and submitted before the LYC news and before the dilutive MCP transaction (and hence the Dahlman Rose action) on the bright side I believe MCP will use some of that money for M&A which will be directed at the rest of the sector - not that it is likely but I would lile some one to take out Arafura as I am underwater on ARU...
I am confident that you will do well w/ ANR as it has less exposure to thermal but if the economy improves the entire group will do great.
mea cupla -of course the 52 week high was $143.76 (the 61.73 was the current price) the decline of the top of 57% still hurts for those making a round trip - I do think if Europe is contained and our economy continues its slow improvement that WLT will be taken out and that all of the coal stocks will show significant gains.
possibly BHP,RIO or VALE...seems BHP has been wanting to increase their North American exposure.
thankx - hopefully SA will publish part#2 which was submitted along with the first segment...
thanks - sometimes corporate behavior is quite predictable -SMP
jwheinen - please keep in mind this article was written last week - regarding SolarCity and other projects in the pipeline I am not surprised that they were able to obtain financing from BoA - it is the new projects that I feel will have difficulty obtaining financing. In my mind potential shortfall in Europe outweighs potential increases in Asian demand (in the short to midterm)...thanks for the thoughtful comments - SMP
pmguru - thanks for your thoughtful comments and input on this and other articles - SMP
i far as i know GPOR has never mentioned any names in regard to which co. or cos. have the other 50%. MHR is really a Marcellus play but does have some acreage (16,000 net) in Ohio - i think Monroe and Noble and Washington counties - likely on the edge between wet and dry gas although I have not examined any of their exact lease locations- hope that helps-SMP