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I didnt get your question. VGR is in the list #4
I agree dunnhaupt. Insider buys has more meaning than insider sells. However, insider sells are also some what important to understand the selling pattern. Who is selling, automatic (10b5-1 plan) or not, how many insider sales, is this before any event etc.
In the URL you mentioned, select "Ownership" as INCLUDED and click Show ALL button on the right side. Your URL has Ownership as excluded which means insider trading forms are filtered
All the Form 4 links are included in the paragraph (hyperlink) where number of shares are mentioned. Here is the SEC filings URL for SPPI:
Here is the form 4 URL:
Thanks for your positive comments ;-)
As per SeekingAlpha policy, microcap stocks are not included. MFNC has market cap of 21.37M. Where as notable companies in this article has market cap of $250 million and above, as described in the 2nd paragraph above,
Brownskey, When I said no importance, I meant based on August 10th SEC filing. The short listed companies in this article are not based on weekly insider summary. It is based on just Aug 10th, If you go by weekly, the number of sell is not just 30K, it is 115,000 shares sold by GHL. Again, I agree that total number of buys is greater than sells for the week for IRDM (214K minus 115K). Also, I understand insider buys are more important than insider sells since there are so many reasons for insiders to sell a stock but only one reason to buy a stock. Thanks for your inputs.
Actually there is also 30,000 shares sold by GREENHILL & CO INC (10% benefiicial owner) on Aug 10, 2012. So, overall, I didn't see importance to include this as notable buy. Here is the link for the insider selling:
Agreed. There are so many reasons to sell the stock but only one reason to buy the stock. However, the important aspect is to find out insider selling pattern for a given company.
Hi, My strategy is little different. If the company fundamentals are good with better EPS, dividend growth, then I will consider that stock for long term (example Visa - I sold this position though). On the other hand, sometimes I prefer to buy 5-10 days ahead of the ex-dividend date since I have noticed investors typically accumulate those shares in advance instead of a day before ex-div date. And sell this just before ex-div date. However, careful analysis of company events and economic events are necessary.
Hello Lee,
First of all, I dont hold any position on BKCC. if I hold, I supposed to disclose my position. I am here to share the actual facts.
As per U.S. Securities Exchange Commission's definition, Corporate insiders are either a company's officers, directors, or any beneficial owners of more than ten percent of a class of the company's equity securities registered under Section 12 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Here is the URL for your reference.
I have provided the link that proves this in the above article and here is the nasdaq link that shows these transactions are part of Insider Form 4.
Nasdaq Link->
This is nothing to do with manipulation or misinformation. Here are some more examples from other sites (CNN Money, Reuters) stating that transaction from Virginia Retirement system is an insider trading:
CNN Link->
Reuters Link->
If you dont believe me, I am sure atleast you will rely on, Nasdaq, Reuters and other sites showing the same evidence that this is part of insider trading (Form 4).
Hello, Here is the list for Insider buying ->
This is not an auto-generated story. Going back to your question, yes, I know how to read form 4 and what is Rule 10b5-1 which is basically setting up automatic selling of shares at regular intervals in regular quantities.
The objective of this article is to provide insider trading insight. I never mentioned or scared the readers for this 2897 shares sales.
This article is based on filing on July 9th and there is no VIVUS filing on July 9th. However, in my other article, when there was insider sellingon VVUS, I did mention.
The article is not about how much company received from the insider trading. The idea is to capture all the transactions by insiders/beneficiary owners. I am aware that MNKD announced purchase agreement with The Mann Group LLC *an entity controlled by MannKind’s chief executive officer and principal stockholder, Alfred E Mann) in Feb 2012. Hence, this transaction from Mann Group happened in June 27th and filed at SEC on July 3rd. In a nutshell, The Mann Group increasing the stake of this company
By the way, this is an earnings preview. If you have read any Earnings preview from Wall Street, then this is more than what they publish. There are some investors (including myself) who play on earnings (buy just before earnings and sell immediately after earnings - buy & sell with 30 mins time). The idea is to get quick summary about the company such as overview, technical factors with analyst rating, competitor info, company info and so on in a single page for the investor to analyze. These info requires multiple sites, multiple clicks and multiple format to gather & understand the information. Earnings preview is definitely helpful for those investors. If you are looking for long term investment strategy, then you would need valuation and other information about the company. Then earnings preview is not the right place to look at it.
Thanks for your inputs. I intend to provide the list of insider trades as an information but not to panic investors to sell the stock due to these insider trades. I never mentioned that any specific stock price will go down. The idea here is to be aware of these trades and follow any subsequent insider trade happens. Going back to your comment on VVUS vs ARNA, I agree both stocks has room to grow. End of the day, it all depends on who is very successful in commercialization of the product with increase in consumer confidence. At this point, stock price of ARNA & VVUS are moving purely based on critical dates such as Adcomm review date, FDA PDUFA date etc. I dont agree the fact that these stocks does have room to grow. It all depends on EMA approval, key partnerships with major pharma, expansion of sales across different geography and revenue generation.
The article is not intend to say there is a massive sell-off for Arena. If you look at the graph, there are only 160K insider trades in 12 months period which is too less. I am a big fan of ARNA stock. Considering the market cap of $1.83B, any acquisition is more likely from big pharma company.
I did notice the acquisition of additional 131,500 shares however, he had a choice of not selling his 131,500 shares at market price.
Very well said Andy. Other possibilities are commericialization challenges (production) of Qnexa or any information related to Qnexa's EMA approval. I am not negative about VVUS but need to play with more caution
I do agree that Qnexa will be a blockbuster drug and FDA approval is more likely to happen considering the fact that ARNA's obesity drug is already approved. I am just little careful about their other pipeline drug status.
Yes I am aware of that. This additional 10% purchase transaction happened yesterday
You mean September or August?
This is for the large cap greater than $10billion. Apologize for the mistake and will fix it.
Hi Orangeblood, the numbers were accurate as of June 18th and WAG stock dropped considerably on June 19th and 20th. The numbers are accurate at the time of writing the article and the numbers are changed in the last 3 days.
Even as per NASDAQ,
On June 14th, McAdams Wright upgraded NIKE from Sell to Hold. But on June 22, they again downgraded NIKE from Hold to sell.
I cant imagine same Analyst keep changing the ratings within 1 week... LOL
Either merger or bankrupcy. I dont see any sign for them to grow and profitable. If Walgreens or CVS planning to acquire, they can benefit the revenue from RAD but need drastic restructuring of RAD business to be profitable. RAD balance sheet is a mess and I doubt anyone is ready to acquire.
PDUFA date for ARNA is June though and this article provides the PDUFA list for July ;-)
@BillMaurer -> First of all, I like most of your articles. However, your articles on GMCR doesnt makes sense at all.
On Apr 23, you mentioned " I think we are fairly close to a bottom," but within 2 weeks, the stock went down steeply. On May 3rd, you mentioned (after earnings results) " if shares fall far enough, perhaps to the $20 to $25 range, I might pick some up and go long". In this article, you are saying "GMCR is a very good short candidate" but your disclosure says "you might initiate a long position".
I think you should first come to a conclusion before writing any further article on GMCR.
@lokodude-> Thanks for your kind words and appreciate your feedback. It is so satisfying to get a positive opinion after working hard on certain articles to collect information from various places.
I missed the information about TEVA and thanks for letting me know. Sounds very positive based on my initial research and let me keep an eye on it.
Did you mean Neostem Inc? I am not able to find their schedule in ASCO 2012 from their website.
It is coming in Part 4 article.