• Stone Fox Capital
    $SHLD beat estimates... what was so bad about the earnings report?
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    • Trader's Profit Compass: wake up to the new normal where an earnings beat will result in you getting whacked; not in this one but got plenty just like it
    • NaveenB: I don't get it either, I got put a whole bunch of it, at 53 and 50, now looking to for a near term bounce then I'm out of the trade.
    • Micah: This is the most brutal sell-off in years. It was at $67 less than 10 days ago...ouch!
    • Stone Fox Capital: actually sold in my model yesterday b/c I didn't see the stock going up, but I'm shocked by this drop.... happy to get in lower due luck.
    • DeepValueLover: Today's $SHLD move is a total gift for those smart enough to act on it.
    • DeepValueLover: Just turn around and sell covered calls. Easy as pie.
    • Ghosts of Kariela: I don't understand the movements in SHLD, but I'm a long term bull on the stock, bad stock to short, assuming you can find shares to short.
    • NaveenB: It's slowly rolling back(thank God), I hope it can stay above 43 resistance.