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Long/short equity, event-driven, contrarian, activist investor
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I feel like "they" are just stirring it up.
It's funny because now that Obama has created the "us" the pothead "they" has actually materialized.
Insidious pronouns.
If he wanted to use a uniting word it would be "our." Our guns, our land, our wealth, our rights, etc.
He is giving the keys to the constitution to the people who have been prescribing amphetamines to 8-year olds for the past 20 years.
So let me get this straight, if I was a waiter, you would want me to let Danny Meyer just hold the money that would have gone straight into my pocket for a little bit? Then he is going to give it back to me.
To help me out of course.
I am not giving you anymore free genius. Figure it out.
The only thing lost in a GM collapse would have been the corvette.
GM's existence is paid for by the government. Tesla's existence is being subsidized willingly by investors/the people. It is an excellent argument for free market economics and against excessive taxation.
I disagree. The idea that an ancillary service can be delivered and generate $1B in revenue is sort of ridiculous. It is not even "groundbreaking". I believe their will be a compounding affect over time and Apple will probably make money on the transaction, the device for the transaction, and every other part of the ecosystem.
I have yet to see evidence that ZoHydro has any abuse potential to begin with.
Same story different car. They explode when they crash especially when you are going 100+ mph.
The oil companies went up more because it is the price of oil that is being affected, KMI is more of a services company. Even though the middle east situation could be used to highlight the need for improved infrastructure to sustain more stable pricing.
It is no longer ISIS it is ISIF because ISIS is was too catchy.
Tell me about it. It amazes me how quickly gas stations around me adjusted to the Costco price. Shows they have quite a bit of wiggle room.
One potential reason for the pipes breaking is their age. Some of them were built in the 1960s. By placing newer pipelines the chance of a spill decreases. One thing I believe people are failing to see is there are pipelines everywhere. Google "US pipeline" maps and you will see that they are all over the place. New ones should be more reliable especially with the entire country paying attention something that was not occurring in the 1960s.
The media was giving the impression that Keystone XL was going to be the first United States pipeline. It is not even close.
It is pretty safe to say the oil companies do not "want" spills to occur. It costs everyone money. Therefore, the only way to get better more efficient pipelines is to build more. If we continue to rely on old technology it will only get worse. I feel like I am at the hanging of a straw man.
Predatory pricing policies? You do realize small independent book sellers use Amazon to sell books. This is nothing but a Hachette job on the AMZN stock price.
Bitcoin as a currency is as stable if not more stable than any other currency. It is the exchange that collapsed.
There is the potential that people did not buy new cars in the first quarter at the same pace that they buy between April-November. Who wants to look at cars when it is 20 degrees outside.
The drug should be evaluated for its abuse deterrent ability not its efficacy. It is obvious that hydrocodone is effective in treating pain. If the "abuse deterrent" is easily bypassed then it is nothing more than a scheme to circumvent the United States' patent system.
Divergent was #1 box office. Say what you want about teen movie franchises but they rake in the $$$ and LGF is holding it down in that niche.
I find the term conspiracy theory sort of naive considering that for the last 100 years companies have been fined for colluding to manipulate everything from LIBOR, oil prices, and airline tickets. If you still believe conspiracies do not exist you need to check out these guys who think the earth is only 2000 years old (second link). It is not that much of a stretch. .
The opiate business especially for the democratic party who has a sizable constituency dependent on their medicare/medicaid prescription is a huge political issue. "If you don't vote for us you will lose your free drugs which you are hopelessly addicted to." It could be argued it was their entire political platform over the last 8 years. The fact that they prevented generic oxycontin from coming on the market while allowing it to be sold in various forms from Purdue points to political rent seeking. The fact that they are targeting one specific companies product when their are multiple similar products on the market is basically the smoke coming from the gun. Since they are sophists they are quite skilled at hiding the gun.
Non-abusable will be even better to sell to drug abusers because they will need to buy 5 of them to get the same high they got from crushing up one which leads to a higher volume of sales (if they don't just bypass the abuse deterrent all together we are talking about the people who brought you cold water extraction). It is such an easy thing to foresee if you spend 10 minutes reading bluelight.
There is a doctor between patient and pill. If the governor knew what he was doing he would understand it's a regulatory problem not a medication problem.
Zogenix figured this out, read their conference call. They actually are taking steps to prevent the problem caused by their predecessors' products. Why doesn't congress focus on this?
But Russia's a gas station.
This reminds me of The Aviator when they call Howard Hughes in front of congress to attempt to steal his company. It seems they are doing the same thing to Zogenix.
Notice some horrible crisis occurs which allows these people to hijack the discussion whenever their businesses are at risk. RUSSIA IS IMPUTINANT!, THE WAR ON PRESCRIPTION DRUGS WHICH WE ARE GOING TO SELL ANYWAY!, RAPE!, NUCLEAR BOMBS! whatever.
Going to take the other side of this but it is possible that by adding Office 365 to iOS it will cause users to remember that Microsoft is still an important part of the ecosystem. The next time they choose to buy a computer they might opt out of the more expensive iMachine and go for the better hardware value they get with the PC.
The author says Zogenix is not worth its $500mln market cap. Check out this OxyContin sales data . This is with regulators cracking down and why they want to ban it. ZoHydro will put Zogenix on the map and give them significant ability to compete with the other major drug makers. Especially since they are producing an abuse deterrent formulation.
I invested in Zogenix simply because they were the only company smart enough to see a serious problem in the market, publicly point it out, and provide a solution. Zogenix's behavior is seriously lacking in this particular industry because most corporations just do not want to address these issues. By addressing them they have to face the reality and accept that a large percentage of the population use their products recreationally.
People were dying of oxycontin overdoses 10 years ago, 20 years ago there was a "heroin epidemic". It was still patented and there was no competition. Where was the rush to produce a "abuse deterrent" formulation then? Abuse deterrent is a smoke screen to maintain a monopoly on the $500mln a quarter oxycontin market. How do you turn the 30mg abuse deterrent oxycontin into a 90mg oxycontin? You take 3 of them.
If anything this bill and the already well known addiction potential of opiates (THEY HAVE BEEN AROUND SINCE BEFORE THE COMMON ERA, THIS IS NOT A NEW CRISIS OR PROBLEM. IT WAS A KNOWN VARIABLE 100 YEARS AGO) is misdirection. Iit takes the focus away from Mylan and the damage their combination products caused. Ironically, Zogenix's product is being branded as unethical or dangerous when they were the one's trying to fix a problem.
The real question the senate should be asking is how has Mylan gotten away with combining a habit forming substance with a substance that is hepatotoxic. It is almost like the drug is designed to poison people or the people creating it are totally incompetent of the properties of the products they produce. I do not see how anyone would think the combination would be a good idea, considering tylenol can be purchased over the counter anyway.
Opiates are known to be dangerous and overdoses are just a fact of life. However, Mylan's product is clearly more dangerous because their is a deadly synergy between tylenol which is easy to overdose on and opiates which lend themselves to patients taking more than the suggested dose. Even if you take "abuse" out of the equation and just look at it as a patient taking more because they are actually in pain and want it to go away.
It is inappropriate to launch direct accusations at Senator Manchin. He should understand that his relationship with Mylan is very disturbing because their combo product is clearly more of an issue than ZoHydro.
Now I understand why Zuckerberg wants the drone company. If only he can figure out the frequency.
I said the stock would be in play, therefore subject to movements in either direction. (see last sentence)
There is still a tremendous amount of money invested in EUV making for an interesting investing/trading situation.
Here is the link to the article mentioned above:
I do not believe it is a pyramid scheme. There is a product that can be sold and it is up to the person who makes the decision to decide whether or not they can sell it at a profit.
I need glasses anyway. Why not have glasses plus a computer that beams info into my eyeball? Seems like a no brainer.
And Icahn an Apple share holder is going after paypal and ebay hmm.
I left the movie gravity floored. I checked the stock price and it had plummeted and alarm bells went off and it was article time.
"Opiates are not effective for chronic pain"
There is a lot of things you can say about opiates but for pain they are #1. They are the ultimate double edged sword causing tremendous damage to those who misuse them but for some they are the only hope for living a decent life. If you disagree please name one other pharmaceutical that handles chronic pain better than an opiate.
I think you just missed the boat on this one.