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  • Electric Vehicle, Lithium-Ion Battery Investing For Imbeciles [View article]

    This report is very well addressed in the book:

    Lithium Charge: Bottled Lightning: Superbatteries, Electric Cars, and the New Lithium Economy

    "The Trouble with Lithium" by William Tahil p.150

    It was rebutted by Keith Evans:

    Lithium Supply: The problem with lithium - Will there be enough lithium for electric cars?

    Latest research:

    Energy Transition: Global Lithium Deposits Enough to Meet Electric Car Demands
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  • World Bank Chief: We're One Shock Away From Full-Blown Crisis [View article]
    Rumping Inflation is the monetary phenomenon and it is Bernanke's FED who is creating it by debasing the us dollar during QE - printing money. Debts will be inflated away, but the problem is with rising Oil prices. They will push prices of everything higher and Food prices will strike first.

    Look what Chinese are doing to prevent Oil shock now:
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  • Tesla's Game Of The States [View article]
    Powered By Lithium: Tesla Model S 85 performance plus | Fully Charged

    Robert Liewellyn is obviously having a lot of fun testing Tesla Model S. We are not so sure about his passenger, but he must get used to it already. Electric Cars are not toys any more - this is main message from this video and UK is destined to become the Capital of the world for the electric cars. So far progress is very slow, but coming Tesla Model S and Network of Superchargers will do the trick. The real irrevocable change will happen with Tesla Model E on the road. Meanwhile the industry prepares for the major surge in demand for Lithium Batteries for Electric Cars and for Energy Storage Systems to make Solar and Wind Power fully integrated in the modern grid system.
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  • $1400 Gold Coming Up [View article]
    Gold And Silver Break Crucial Levels Causing Massive Short Squeeze

    As we have mentioned before, Gold and Silver has broken to the upside causing massive short squeeze. The big boyz are loaded on Gold now and we will monitor today how the mass media will be picking up the Gold story again. It will be nothing more than the info fed for crowd indicator, but it is important to watch the change in the investing public outlook. We will provide the digest of the most interesting articles from industry insiders as well this weekend updating this entry, stay tuned.
    The most important news for us:

    "Koos Jansen reports on continued unprecedented appetite from China for Gold, according to his information, after the unprecedented demand of 2,181 tons of Gold from China in 2013 Chinese Gold demand hits All-Time record of 247 tons in January. Now Gold today's breakout above $1,322 level can be put in another perspective."
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  • Will China Back The Yuan With Gold? [View article]
    Bloomberg: China May Become The Third-largest Holder Of Gold

    Here it comes and a lot of people will be taken totally by surprise. Record buying of Gold by China last year will be translated in the much higher Gold holdings by PBOC. Bloomberg reports that these holdings could surpass now those of Italy and France - Jim Rickards talks about the announcement by Chinese Central Bank of 5,000 t of Gold holdings in the nearest future. It will be the game changer and puts Gold solidly into the investment game as well. Yesterday shock with Jobs numbers can be the sign of the real state of US Economy and it means that FED does not have any real exit strategy from QE permanent state. In another news Royal Mint in UK has run out of gold coins due to the exceptionally high demand.
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  • The Salvation Of Silver And Gold [View article]
    What Is Our Money And Why China Plans To Move To A Gold Backed Yuan Currency.

    "This is the shabby secret of the welfare statists' tirades against gold. Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth. Gold stands in the way of this insidious process. It stands as a protector of property rights. If one grasps this, one has no difficulty in understanding the statists' antagonism toward the gold standard."
    Alan Greenspan 1966. "Gold and Economic Freedom"

    We have more and more news coming out about the tectonic shift in geopolitical landscape and ongoing Currency Wars. China learns very fast, even if Maestro Greenspan has already forgotten the ancient wisdom. Further education will help to understand our flawed monetary system and the value of gold for the investors even if Bernanke, who is busy destroying the US Dollar with the FED "does not have any clue about it."
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  • GE's Electric Car Opportunity [View article]
    Very good article Jeff.

    We will share interesting developments in Lithium battery space, which can bring electric cars mass market very fast.

    Lithium Game Changer: 2014 Renault Zoe pure-electric car could have 220 mile range

    We have a very interesting report from Charging Point in Europe. Could it be true? We will be searching for confirmation. The price for the Lithium Battery lease should go up in this case, but it will be the small price to pay for the range of 220 miles, which will be comparable to Tesla Model S premium specification, but in the budget market sector! If Renault Zoe price can stay in the £15k range - it will be the best entry point on cost basis and the game changer for the Electric Cars. We can start to talk about the mass market for Electric Cars!
    We have found the link to the French magazine and have posted it below. Article has sighted 350 km range for Renault Zoe 2014. Here is a very interesting connection - Germany has a target of 350 km range for the Electric Cars to make its mainstream adoption viable. Can Renault somehow get hold of DBM Energy technology? Or is it an in-house development? This news has to be confirmed by the company on all counts, but if it is true - we can talk about the breakthrough in commercial applications of Lithium Batteries for Electric cars. Europe electric cars market adoption rate can take off very fast in this case, Gas prices there are already over 8 dollars per gallon! All games around Iran will be ended in even higher gas prices at the pump. In US there are more and more talks about the 5 dollars per gallon at the pump now.
    Chinese companies like BYD are claiming the similar range, but that technology is still far away from any western markets so far. Will Nissan Leaf 2014 get the same Lithium battery pack now? Renault will bring Nissan into the game in Asia and this combination can claim a very significant market share in Electric Cars.
    220 miles range and revolutionary marketing approach, when you are leasing the Lithium battery and paying monthly fees for it - leaving all potential worries about the battery to the major automaker - will make it the game changer for the electric cars. Renault promise the full warranty on your Lithium Battery - you can exchange it and upgrade it under the leasing scheme. It will bring the market adoption rate forward - people are still waiting for the confirmation of technology, particularly with Lithium Batteries warranties and performance.
    Our Lithium developers are waiting for this kind of news now after the last year consolidation in order to resume the Uptrend in the generational Bull market. It remains to be seen, whether recent Electric Cars' hatred campaign has marked the bottom in the sector.
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  • McEwen Mining's Next Stop Is The S&P 500 [View article]
    Great article! McEwen Mining has the great potential and its future depends on wise decisions now. One of the potential Catalyst is Los Azules litigation. What choice Rob McEwen will make now?

    To make the full picture we will share some additional information:

    "In order to have one of the "largest litigation cases in the history of BC Supreme Court" you need one of the largest Copper deposits in the world, very big ambitions and bunch of emails describing the way of thinking how to get it all and "take out of the game" the junior partner. Now US Gold shareholders will join the litigation lawyers' party after the merger with Minera Andes. We continue to monitor the situation and implications for the newly listed in the US McEwen Mining.

    After the completed take over of Minera Andes by US Gold, McEwen Mining will become the party of litigation. Damage control at the expense of Minera Andes shareholders will give some room now to McEwen Mining - combined company can better withstand the litigation risk of potential lost of up to 2/3 of Los Azules deposit, which high grade core is located on former TNR Gold properties, according to the published by Minera Andes maps. TNR Gold's offer for the settlement is off the table now and the key to ongoing litigation will be further discoveries and called witnesses in preparation to the trial. Things will be getting very interesting now. One of the questions to discover is why Xstrata has decided not to exercise its own option for 51% of Los Azules with Minera Andes?

    "We must admit, that all this time we were at lost why has Xstrata decided not to exercise its own option with Minera Andes for 51% of all Los Azules in October 2009? Why has the Copper company like Xstrata decided just to walk away from such a deposit like Los Azules, when copper market was turning up with the recovering economy? Does Rob McEwen really think that he outsmarted Xstrata for the free gift here? Now we have some indications that, maybe, TNR Gold litigation team has found the real reasons behind Xstrata's move out of the project."

    We have an interesting take from Joel Chury at on Los Azules litigation. The story is making its way into the mainstream media now, we have been covering it here for years and hope that this year will bring the resolution to this case, which is simply too big to miss now."
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  • Apple Takes the Lead: Laptops, iPads And iPhones Without Lithium? [View article]

    I can confirm that Mercedes F-Cell based on fuel cells will have lithium ion battery as well. They had one with 16 kWh.

    I think that fuel cell will become the range extenders in the future for the electric cars and main lithium batteries will be below 30-50 kWh.

    Cost of the batteries are going down now, fuel cells are still very expensive.

    Fuel cell is the source of energy, not the storage - you still need the battery for regenerative breaking and also to boost the energy - fuel cell have lower specific power.

    Very Interesting take on Hydrogen and fuel cell can be found from Shai Agassi interview:
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  • Copper Investing In Mongolia [View article]
    US Gold: Special situation: Mineweb: Los Azules Litigation TNR Gold vs Minera Andes - Court Documents

    These documents, found by Mineweb in the litigation case between TNR Gold and Minera Andes, are public now. In order to have one of the the "largest litigation cases in the history of BC Supreme Court" you need one of the largest Copper deposits in the world, very big ambitions and bunch of emails describing the way of thinking how to get it all and "take out of the game" the junior partner. Now US Gold shareholders will join the litigation lawyers' party after the merger with Minera Andes. We continue to monitor the situation and implications for the newly listed in the US McEwen Mining after the merger.

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  • Positioning For A Spike In Oil [View article]
    Great article!

    News from IEA are travelling slow, but even without any geopolitical games Oil already smells QE and money printing.

    IEA: World Energy Outlook 2011: Crude could reach $150 and warns of Irreversible Climate Change in Five Years

    We are just coming out of the "Europe's End of The World" scenario, all world economies are on the edge of recession, but Oil is moving closer to $100 again. We have a very sobering reminder from IEA about the real issues behind all recent events in the financial markets. There is NOT enough Oil for everybody left, Peak Oil is all about the price and transportation is driving this demand with half of the global oil demand coming from China only. By 2015 more cars will be manufactured outside of OECD. Oil prices can go up to $150 by 2015 in the real terms and $176 in the nominal terms. It will be the major risk for the global economy.
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  • Today in Commodities: Commodity Comeback [View article]
    Question remains - who will buy all those IOUs after FED will stop expanding its QE program? China is moving fast diversifying its assets and building new currency reserves of Copper, Gold and other commodities including Lithium. Chinese companies and State owned organisations are all over the globe to secure supply of crucial commodities.
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  • Silver Wheaton: Waiting on the Next Chapter [View article]
    We have noted, before the Silver parabolic rise junior mining companies in Silver and Gold were not making the new highs, now after the Silver "blood bath" junior miners were holding the grounds. This summer will provide new buying opportunities into the solid junior mining names.
    All these Central Banks verbal interventions will bring volatility and have only one target - to make debasing of US Dollar gradual and prevent the next collapse of the financial system. You have to look deeper than day to day market rumours and Houses talking their books. China and their holdings of US Treasuries will be the guide.
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  • Why This Oil Giant Is Tried And True [View article]
    Peak Oil Is Back! Secret Trade Memos, TTIP And Write-down Of Two-thirds Of US Shale Oil Explodes Fracking Myth.

    We will start with the punch line:

    "According to a secret trade memo obtained by the Huffington Post, the Obama administration and the European Union are pushing ahead with efforts to "expand US fracking, offshore oil drilling and natural gas exploration", as well as exports to the EU, under the prospective Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) agreement. The Guardian."

    Why nobody in mass media is really talking about it? You decide for yourself, we will give you just couple of thoughts and will present the brilliant article by Dr Nafeez Ahmed in full, people are lazy these days even to click through - and we are not even talking about some independent thinking here. Gold and Truth about Peak Oil are two major things exposing the Central Banks scam and Inflation tax on our societies, so expect the full blown attack on both to keep the status quo. For those who are quick to come to the conclusions on who is behind the assault on "100% Safe Fracking" we will start with:
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  • Where's Tesla's Model S Competition? [View article]
    It is not Tesla Model S, but we are moving into the right direction now:

    Mercedes Benz Electric Car "B Class Electric Drive"

    Very interesting Electric Car from Mercedes Benz with 122 miles range!
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