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  • Will Investors Get Out In Time This Time? [View article]
    Correction from Sy. Whoops, a typo. As trend followers and watching for support levels to break, most market technicians tend to sell on the way down, but hopefully near tops.
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  • Is Stage Set For Markets To Again Be Smarter Than The Fed? [View article]
    I did not come close to saying we are in stagflation. The subject of the article is that we may be approaching the time that is seen in every cycle, when markets become smarter than the Fed, and are not taken in by the Fed continuing to try to hold them up though rosy projections that ignore realities. Sy Harding
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  • Has Warren Buffett Nailed Another Market Top? [View article]
    Thanks for all the kind words, folks. Sy
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  • What Did The Week Of Major Economic Reports Tell Us? [View article]
    bbro ; That's a sweeping observation since housing starts have only been compiled since 1960. Not enough recessions (data points) to be meaningful. But even so, your 21% figure is as of July. We won't know until the reports next January or February whether it will still be a positive number by year end. Meanwhile, the market looks ahead three to nine months. So a lagging number like housing starts would not be very timely if a recession is coming.
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  • What Did The Week Of Major Economic Reports Tell Us? [View article]
    You're cherry-picking the one good report. New housing starts plunged 9.9% in June, to their lowest level in 10 months. Permits for future starts fell 7.5%. Pending Home Sales fell 0.4% in June. New home sales plunged a huge 13.4% in July to 394,000 units (and June’s report was revised down from the previous report of an 8.3% increase and 497,000 units, to an increase of only 3.6%). And Pending Home Sales fell again in July, declining 1.3%
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  • A Warning For Gold From Inflation, The Dollar, And Mining Stocks [View article]
    Sy Harding replies in response to comments:
    CPI has not been changed to exclude cost of food and energy. You are referring to what is known as the 'core rate'. My article refers to the overall CPI, which includes food and energy.
    The U.S. Dollar Index measures the strength of the dollar against a basket of global currencies, and yes that includes the euro. As such a plunge or big rise in the index is a true measure of the strength of the dollar.
    I made no mention of the Fed's balance sheet because it doesn't seem to be a factor. Gold has actually declined since the Fed added operation twist, QE3, and now QE4.
    I did not say the Fed's policies and the government debt will not cause inflation down the road. I merely state the fact that inflation has not shown up so far, in spite of 12 years of such expectations, giving gold's almost 700% bull market plenty of time to have already factored it into prices.
    Lastly, yes, gold is now used to trade. Exactly my point. I've been trading its ups and downs, and right now it looks like a time to be cautious and aware of the risk.
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  • Consumers And Investors Confident Even As Global Recession Threatens Anew [View article]
    But are corporations, hedge funds, corporate insiders not also forward-looking? And they are selling into the rally and hoarding cash.
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