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  • Tales From The Future
    Alternative Propulsion Stocks Gone Mad (Tesla Gigafactory Fallout?) $PLUG, $BLDP, $FCEL
    Mar 4, 7:35 PM
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    • bd4uandu: I liked $MXWL until the little financial problem then lost trust in management. Like the product.
      Mar 4, 7:58 PM
    • Tales From The Future: @bd4...: Yes, there was a problem, they had to restate earnings in 2013: That should be solved now.
      Mar 4, 8:06 PM
    • bd4uandu: It was something about a sales manager being overly zealous with billing statements. Again I like their product line.
      Mar 4, 8:23 PM
    • bd4uandu: I see $MXWL popped nicely today
      Mar 5, 12:39 PM
    • Tales From The Future: Probably the rumor about $TSLA using supercapacitors. As I mentioned in my article, lots of euphoria/rumors and little substance (imho).
      Mar 6, 9:18 AM
    • Tales From The Future: Dropping today. All five stocks look like trader stocks to me (but I'm interested in MXWL long-term if it falls back at single digits)
      Mar 6, 10:04 AM