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teslaflight, in the context of the argument of whether the model s can hit the mainstream, then yes price is extremely important.. important for the growth of the company and for shareholder value as well.
Westuff, you're absolutely right my bad. Thanks for pointing that out. Yes, that should have read deliveries.. good catch. I will make the edit at my site http://bit.ly/WNI2yI but I'm out of luck making a change here.
SA continues to turn into a trash talking Yahoo message board I see! Anonymity sure brings out the best in people.
The competition aspect is a great point Bob.. low barrier to entry. Groupon is way over-hyped in my opinion.
Wilson, your comments are spot on.. everthing from credibility to management to quite possibly some value at current levels. Outside of that I don't cover much of APWR anymore due to the fact they really can't be considered a wind energy anymore. More of a construction company. Thanks for the insight.
I'm awaiting your article tesla gonna tank :)
heartlandsux, it appears you were one of the few who understood where I was coming from. CREDIBILITY.. there is little left. I typically don't respond to any bashing on SA because it goes with the territory and not worth my time, but should mention no there is no agenda with APWR and actually I had a very small long position heading into this report. I liked the reward vs risk and never expected they would post one of the worst reports I've seen in a long time. I still believe this is dead money for many months until credibility is restored. Is it safe to assume this is no longer a viable wind energy company which I alluded to back in August?
What a great opportunity that was today in the $32 - $33 range. Earnings not quite as impressive as I thought they would be but solid nonetheless. Q4 could be big. Caroclara, thanks for the product insight!
wineboy.. I'm using non GAAP.
jo8, relax.. there is no obvious attempt to exclude any company. The idea was to highlight the biggest company making the biggest impact and wasn't by any stretch meant to be a comprehensive report of every company in every sector. My ongoing research and breaking news attempts to do that at greenstockscentral.com
thanks beststockpicker.. honestly I do need to dig in more on this company and my report could have been more thorough. The fact of the matter though is that there isn't enough time in the day to thoroughly investigate all the green stocks I cover which is why I appreciate all your input on CIL.
Hey SN, I'm not familiar with any of the pink sheet names. I generally stick to companies traded on the major us exchanges
ECD Fan, when I say positive, i'm speaking relatively. They posted better than expected results in the latest quarter and revenues continue to grow. Traders have felt the same way bidding up the stock and buy volume continues to increase on the buy side. Having said that and reiterating what I said in the post above, ENER still has big problems (some of which you mention) and longer term I don't think this stock does much until it stop bleeding red ink! Hence, "stuck in the mud"
"There are certainly some positive developments to take away from this report if you’re an ENER shareholder and it may be enough to give the stock a bit of a boost in the short term"
Understand how SA works.. I write my article on my site and several hours later it gets republished here at SA often with a title that's different. Shares were pressured in early trading, but yes recovered quickly to close strong. Agree TSL is a top tier play.
beststockpicker - no opinion on AMCF other than technically it's looking like it's stabilized at the very least. RE: the SOL, YGE comment those companies aren't losing money. YGE has never had a losing year and SOL had one last year. Both remain top tier solar plays in my opinion.
drgoodwrench - terrific knowledge! Thanks for the insight and the heads up on FSYS rebates.
It is a 60% increase in revenues over the year ago quarter.
The title that SA came up with for this isn't quite accurate for this post. GPRE should be at the top of the watch list as far as ethanol plays go. There are much better alternative energy companies. I'm not a big fan of ethanol stocks.
microcap, your constructive criticism is much appreciated. You're right trading below a buck isn't the most important thing to their long term success... stemming the flow of red ink is which they have not been able to do.
I've notified them of the issue
I agree, all the above aren't the best ways to play it because their green business makes up such a small fraction. The pure plays will be where the profits are in the coming years... ie ENOC, CREE, ELON, ITRI, etc
Strong breakout in CALI today above 5.90.. next stop 6.35 and probably beyond.
you sure don't miss an opportunity to promote APWR!
Breakout of intraday range a few minutes ago at 5/share.. provided clear entry point.
I like ABAT as well, but not really a car play.. more of an electric bike, motorcycle and scooter play :) I really like the way ABAT held the 200 day moving average. Looks poised to continue moving higher.
if you truly want to focus on the core growth of a company it's important to throw the GAAP number out the window. One time gains and losses skew the organic growth (or lackthereof) in a company. The mainstream media typically focuses on the GAAP number and it's a mistake in my opinion
don't forget about the collaboration with lockheed announced early this year
Here's a good article on polysilicon pricing which has plummeted:
If in fact this economy has bottomed out, which many believe it has, can it be safely assumed that silicon prices have as well? If so, then so has FSLR's cost advantage. With the price of other commodities as our guide (with the exception of nat gas) that may very well be the case.
There are quite a few "i told you so's" out there on FSLR as if to say they knew the stock would reverse $40 bucks following what was a very impressive quarter (which seems to have been thrown out the door). Granted, it's all about the future with stock pricing and the Germany uncertainty has given traders the jitters. What seems to be missing in ALL the analysis I have seen so far is the possibility that maybe, just maybe.. silicon prices prices recover quickly and the cost advantage is restored. Perhaps it's the same people who think that oil won't ever get over $100 again.
Good comment Jigar.. you're right on about the fundamental picture. It's the million dollar question. I still think the reversal was a bit of an overreaction, but of course the market doesn't care what I think. The action on Monday will be telling.. can it stem the bleeding?
Thanks for the lesson, but I see it differently.. guess that's what makes a market eh? Perhaps you and I are looking at different time frames or charts for that matter. The double bottom breakout of 4/30 remains intact.. not too concerned unless it takes out the 140 level.