Long/short equity, event-driven, arbitrage, medium-term horizon
Long/short equity, event-driven, arbitrage, medium-term horizon
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Solid report...Jon Carnes stamp of approval via twitter.
HEO.V/HEOFF is a solid desal pick, with California presence.
Where can I find a quote and chart for the Eurobonds?
Game over. Sad to see this one not pan out. Short a few @ 1.92, expecting a drop to low 1's.
Thanks again for the article. I wrote the original bull thesis awhile back. Short this am @ 1.92. Incredible how long they drew this out...
Nicely done as usual Joe, thanks.
Not currently holding. Waiting on the "Big Four" auditor situation to clear before taking any meaningful positions in Chinese stocks. I am watching ZA closely but see no reason for bloody hands catching the knife at this point. It's all about next quarter and if management follows through on their divi promise or continues to hoard their cash.
Interesting article Joe, thanks.
Back in today for the first time in over a year.
SINO's the no brainer pick here imo...
Well the company managed to hold my attention for another quarter with the dividend promise. I will be tracking.
Form 15 = game over. Nothing for shareholders and the company goes "dark", de-registers, and isn't required to file anything further with the SEC. I'm not trying to imply this will happen just trying to be transparent in my current risk assessment of ZA as a trade. I really hope the company turns things around as this could be an incredible opportunity if they do. We will find out this Friday when the company reports their Q3. Best of luck to you and happy trading.
The next cc is the big one imo. Institutions are already bailing/have bailed. If they don't make some solid investor friendly moves with all that cash I see a slow fade into Form 15. I'm hoping for the best but not gambling this time on them coming through.
Revisiting the last cc...its really a coin toss here imo.
I bailed again near break even...something just isn't right here...
With Q3 approaching I'm long again @ 1.99. They really got hammered last conference call to take some shareholder friendly actions. It's worth the gamble down here in my opinion.
Nice article
Momo play and nothing more. Not sure how folks didn't pick up on that.
Clearly there are risks here as with any chiscam. It does seem like an excellent momo play into earnings however. Fwiw, sniffing around as I haven't tracked in awhile, I noticed Morgan Stanley has recently taken a position http://bit.ly/1aE9vda.
Looks like its a done deal @ $6.69 (minus any fees) http://1.usa.gov/1ccrYNH
It's a risky space Frantzen...
A few warning signs I saw with VLOV after writing that article that prompted me to sell were: the lawsuit from ARC China, dramatic shift in responsiveness of the CFO from forthcoming to very cautious and hush hush, failure of the company to issue press releases for major events even after major prodding from shareholders, last conference call performance etc etc. You can sense the CFO's frustration that added more to my overall perception in this article from June here (company was basically using the CFO as the unofficial IR contact): http://bit.ly/16uq4JX It's no wonder he resigned, which was no doubt the final straw in the determination to go dark. It all added up to me that they were giving up. I've seen it soooo many times over the past few years in this sector. No reason to hold a paperweight just on value conviction if the company simply isn't concerned about their stock price anymore. I still don't believe the company is a fraud. They were simply clueless as to what it takes to be a publicly listed company in the US and finally decided the cost to remain listed wasn't worth it. Regarding this article being a pump and dump, if you review the charts I believe you will observe a disconnect between the major run and my article publish date.
There are a few differences between ZA and VLOV: institutional ownership, and listing status (otc vs NYSE). More recently, Cabbeen Clothing China, one of Zuoan's direct competitors (as referenced on page 33 of Zuoan's 20-F filed with the SEC), filed for an IPO earlier this month on the Hong Kong market. Listing is expected to be Oct. 28th (next Monday).
Based on estimated pricing HK$2.25 - HK$2.80 the estimated market cap of Cabbeen will be HK$1.575 bln - HK$1.960 bln or $203 mln -$253 mln USD.
From Cabbeen's prospectus the top companies in China by brand awareness are 1. Jack & Jones 2. Cabbeen 3. Zuoan 4. Mark Fairwhale 5. GXG
This has and will provide positive exposure for Zuoan's US traded stock in my opinion and may partially account for the dramatic increase in volume recently. For what its worth, I missed out on nearly all of the massive ZA rally. I bought back in this week on the pullback in anticipation of next week's Cabbeen IPO.
I'm admittedly no expert. I'm all ears if you have something to add to the conversation besides general nastiness and critique.
There you go Frantzen...
Happy Trading!
Well done John, keep 'em coming! Thank you for sharing your travels...invaluable to anyone trying to invest in this fraud ridden sector.
Well done Geo. Folks will deny your evidence until the end just like LPIH unfortunately. My hat's off to you for trying....