The Amalgamator

Contrarian, value, special situations, medium-term horizon
The Amalgamator
Contrarian, value, special situations, medium-term horizon
Contributor since: 2013
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special situations, deep value, growth at reasonable price, contrarian
Aristides Capital, Contributor
long/short equity, deep value, special situations, contrarian
newsletter provider, growth at reasonable price, small-cap, medium-term horizon
John Vincent, Contributor
long only, value, special situations, fund holdings
Todd Johnson, Contributor
closed-end funds, dividend investing, REITs, newsletter provider
Ploutos, Contributor
value, momentum, portfolio strategy
Daniel R Moore, Contributor
long only, portfolio strategy, value, research analyst
Thomas Furda, Contributor
long-term horizon, research analyst, ETF investing, long/short equity
Value Research, Contributor
deep value, long/short equity, event-driven, research analyst
The Amalgamator, Contributor
contrarian, value, special situations, medium-term horizon
Susan Weerts, Contributor
long/short equity, contrarian, medium-term horizon, short-term horizon
Eamon Keane, Contributor
Doctoral Student, Tech stocks
Kay McDonald, Contributor
Professional Blogger, Bonds, ETFs
Independent trader, Stocks - long, Stocks - short
TraderMark, Contributor
Mutual Fund Manager, ETFs, Mutual funds
Morningstar, Contributor
research analyst, long/short equity, dividend investing, ETF investing
commodities, gold, oil & gas
registered investment advisor, macro, ETF investing
Christopher Whalen, Contributor
Licensed Securities Broker, Bonds, Dividend stock ideas & income
Kevin Feldman, Contributor
ETF investing, fixed income, dividend investing
The CEF Guy, Contributor
Independent financial planner/advisor, Bonds, Commodities
Joshua Hayes, Contributor
Independent trader, Mutual funds, Retirement savings
mutual fund manager, bonds, commodities