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  • The Behavioral Economist
    $RGDO getting hit hard after hours on unexpected DSMB review. I see this as an oversight precaution. Big buying opportunity right now.
    Jul 2, 7:38 PM
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    • glorysk87: only allergic reaction i'm concerned with is anaphylaxis
      Fri, 12:21 AM
    • The Behavioral Economist: Well, we will find out in about 8 weeks. If anaphylaxis is the principal concern, at a higher ROI than alternatives, that would be trouble.
      Fri, 10:40 AM
      • The Behavioral Economist
        $APPY is inching closer to an FDA verdict. It's worth a look for those of you who enjoy binary event opportunities.
        Jul 2, 8:57 AM
          • The Behavioral Economist
            $TRGT - pivotal P2 data within next 2-6 weeks. The OAB space sees minimal changes from P2 to P3, so these are crucial results.
            Jun 19, 11:11 AM
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            • tedy77: thanks. We hope the rocky road to redemption goes well ;-)
              Jul 3, 12:34 PM
            • The Behavioral Economist: Indeed we do. Best of luck to you.
              Jul 3, 2:13 PM
              • The Behavioral Economist
                I will say this about $PVCT shareholders, they REALLY believe. Their devotion is astounding. I hope P3 proceeds and achieves.
                Jun 14, 5:19 PM
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                • crazyisay: whats tht deal? are they going to announce any?,when?
                  Jun 16, 12:15 PM
                  Jun 17, 3:57 PM
                  • The Behavioral Economist
                    $PVCT has three choices now; finally do the P3 trial, file for bankruptcy, or continue to trade promises as currency. So what's it gonna be?
                    May 23, 4:23 PM
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                    • The Behavioral Economist: As to AF, I am no fan of his, but I am not an opponent of his either. His original statement was too much, and the edit was well warranted.
                      May 25, 1:37 PM
                    • P Man: Seems like trading promises for currency is the option they're going to take, since it has worked so far.
                      May 29, 11:44 PM
                      • The Behavioral Economist
                        The recent drop in $VSTM is utterly unfounded. It hit a 52 week low today, and is presenting a great entry point. Long term potential.
                        May 7, 4:22 PM
                          • The Behavioral Economist
                            $ARDM has announced that dosing has begun for the Orbit-3, phase 3 trial, and is also presenting at the 2014 ATS conference this month.
                            May 4, 1:21 PM
                              • The Behavioral Economist
                                At .50 cents per, $CYNAF looks like a certain double by years end. For those who can employ a little patience, its worth a look.
                                Apr 30, 10:05 AM
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                                • CAKoumentakos: Someone that needs to be listened to. Amen Economist. I believe and hold $CYNAF, anything below $1.25 is sale priced.
                                  Apr 30, 2:00 PM
                                • The Behavioral Economist: Just a perfect storm of downward pressure. It's not irrational, but the degree to which it is affected is way too much. Great entry point.
                                  Apr 30, 4:21 PM
                                  • The Behavioral Economist
                                    $GILD cures Hep-C, with a 90% success rate and fewer side effects, in only 12 weeks. So, what's the catch?
                                    Apr 23, 5:02 PM
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                                    • JKenser: Management is very stout, I'll have to take a deeper look though, thanks for the idea Joe!
                                      Apr 24, 12:34 PM
                                    • The Behavioral Economist: I know XON pretty well, as I stay in tune with ZIOP, a company associated heavily with them. XON is a nice play under 20.
                                      Apr 24, 1:16 PM
                                      • The Behavioral Economist
                                        Market depression has created a plethora of biotech buying opportunities; $PCYC, $RGDO, $ARDM, $ONCS, $IMNP, $CYNAF, $ADHD, $XNCR, $ICEL.
                                        Apr 16, 8:00 PM
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                                        • mjnoob: Lol, @D-struction, are you sure you posted at the correct place?
                                          Apr 22, 1:05 PM
                                        • D-struction: Bio pharma discussion... loving $PCYC, $GILD and $CELG. Just never bought into $ICPT. Am I confused??
                                          Apr 22, 1:09 PM
                                          • The Behavioral Economist
                                            $RGDO is roaring. Is anyone taking notice?
                                            Mar 19, 12:19 PM
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                                            • johnbarleycorn: Their
                                              Mar 19, 12:47 PM
                                            • The Behavioral Economist: Indeed. I am simply surprised that retail investors continue to essentially ignore the company. There is significant potential here.
                                              Mar 19, 12:53 PM