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The Correct Call
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Johngonole - tell me what more you would like to see? We spend about 2-3 hours researching for specific criteria on companies that are earnings surprise candidates and have the potential to POP or DROP on the announcement. These Trading Earnings picks are just that, short-term trades.
If there is more info you would like to see, I am sure you are not alone - fill me in and we will try to make the adjustments.
On Jul 11 02:06 AM johngonole wrote:
> The author may be right. Probably right. But the lack of info provided
> means I've got to do hours of research before I can make an informed
> decision. This is how it is with almost all stock picking articles.
> Even the motley fool subscriber newsletters (which I no longer purchase)
> are basically poorly documented sales pitches.
We don't create the news, we just report it. We use a 10 week moving average, so 3 days a trend doesn't make. When it turns to sell, it is what it is. Also on our charts compared to the S&P, the NASDAQ dipped under for the first time in a long time.
Nothing in the market is guaranteed, but when you find something that works, you don't try to mentally undo what is done. You stick with it. In our view, it's better to be out of the market wishing you were in than in wishing you were out. Sometimes it's prudent to take a few dollars off the table.
When I was growing up, my family owned a shoe store on Main Street, USA. Up at 5 am to sweep the sidewalk and wash the windows, close at 9 pm and do it again; hard work, perseverance and the will to succeed, which was the recipe for success.
Now it’s hand-outs, bail-outs, $600 checks… Government guarantees for businesses and people alike who make bad decisions. BS. No parent rewards the bad child at the expense of the good child. Let these bastards fail and feel the pain of their poor choices. The rest of us will buy up their assets when the price is right.
Guarantee you they will never do it again. At the same time send a message to Wall Street and Main Street, you will pay for your mistakes, not the taxpayers who are trying to do it the right way and not just trying to make a buck overnight, regardless of risk.
For every dollar we keep home due to our own production, that's one less dollar for crackpots running most of these oil producing countries.
Also- we need to give ourselves a little breathing room to get to "alternative fuels" and build out the infrastructure.
None of the current "alternatives" are the answer. I hear politicians say we can't drill our way out of this, perhaps that's true. But I know for sure we can't grow enough corn our out of this, or harvest enough sunlight or wind our way out of this, or plug in our cars our way out of this... we haven't found the alternative yet, by drilling and increasing our own production, at least add some time to get there.
Retire Young:
A good place to read up on short selling:
We really like FREE in this space.
The more aggressive types can think about FREEW
Another chartered ship play is FREE.
We think it's undervalued big time and it pays a real nice dividend.
We see this as fair criticism. However, we look at it from a different angle. Since we rely on models for clues on market direction, sectors to be in and out of, and ultimately pointing us to the stocks that fit our criteria, ownership might actually cloud our judgment. In our experience, it is best to remove the emotional element when investing.
That’s not to say that we don’t take positions in our recommendations from time to time. In light of our recent performance, we wish we owned them all.