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  • Precious Metals: Massive Paper Selling Begets Unprecedented Physical Buying [View article]
    Well isn't what IT is suggesting is that people would take the "law" into their own hands?

    Clearly, they wouldn't if the "Lehman precedent" you have cited is any indication.......and OK, those who do (take the law into their own hands) will get their 5 minutes of fame. So what?

    The comment is indicative of the short sightedness of many gold believers. They also think that if we returned to a gold standard, everyone will get to keep their gold, and/or that owning a gun will somehow prevent its confiscation.

    Fantasy abounds in this world.
    Apr 26, 2013. 01:24 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Sprott Asset's John Embry: Don't Sell Your Metals [View article]
    You confuse currency as an investment with currency as a medium of exchange. Investors make investments to reap profits and increase capital. Consumers toil to earn units of exchange so that they can buy a loaf of bread.

    To survive as an investor, you need to buy low and sell high. It is no different for investing in silver and gold. Yet authors like you repeatedly and continuously beat the precious metals drum as though (unlike any other REAL investment) any time is the right time to buy it.

    The present spot price for silver is just over $23. However, the present retail price for silver coin is over $30. The premium over the "value" is roughly 25 per cent. Most people with intelligence know that the premium will not remain this wide for very long.

    However, the perma - bull mantra is only "buy". The idea that the present retail price of real silver is a good investment is foolhardy.
    Apr 25, 2013. 06:04 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Gold And Silver May Soar On Short Squeeze [View article]
    Still no positions, but plenty of drivel that you can't use.

    IF physical is presently oversold and IF the paper market is subject to a short squeeze, the author hasn't demonstrated that.

    At least the author in the following article gives you the name of a security that affords the security of physical without the ridiculously panicked retail premium price.

    Only a panicked amateur fool would pay today's premium for silver coins.
    Apr 24, 2013. 07:12 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • How Tightly Wound Is Gold Price's Coiled Spring? [View article]
    7 years ago?

    You are kidding, yes? You're going to buy shares today because of what another company incorrectly thought 7 years ago?

    Less than 5 years ago ABX could have bought all of the NG it wanted for less than 50 cents..... it bought none.

    What you may want to reconsider is whether ABX isn't quietly determined to drive NG into bankruptcy..... where it can shut out all of its foolish shareholders and take over the company assets for a song.

    If you don't understand how ABX can do that, you may want to ask yourselves why ABX, as a 50 per cent "partner" won't invest in the construction of this supposedly "valuable" mine.

    Did someone say Galore Creek? Surely you jest.

    Last tip: never double down on a marginal or poor investment.
    Apr 23, 2013. 07:15 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • IBM: Time To Buy This Buffett Stock [View article]
    True.......that's why I said "if you have the capital".

    If you scale in with less than 100 share lots you don't need as much capital; however, transaction costs then may become an issue.

    Good luck with it.
    Apr 22, 2013. 12:08 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • IBM: Time To Buy This Buffett Stock [View article]
    Good article. However, Friday's sell-off did considerable damage to the chart. Aside from the gap down, the 4 year trend has been broken on both a candle and point & figure chart. Technically, this should not be ignored.

    You may want to consider a hybrid method to "scale into" positions. Sell the May 185 put for 2.15. If the shares are assigned, you buy them at 182.85. If the shares expire worthless, you earn an almost 14% annualized return in 30 days. Rinse and repeat if you have the capital.
    Apr 21, 2013. 08:35 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Precious Metals: Massive Paper Selling Begets Unprecedented Physical Buying [View article]
    Perhaps Eric Sprott is selling his PSLV to you.....

    Seems he's switching to mining shares as the best bet for silver. But be careful. What he says isn't always what he does.
    Apr 21, 2013. 08:06 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • How Tightly Wound Is Gold Price's Coiled Spring? [View article]
    We pointed out to you in your last article about NG why it is a poor investment decision; and you didn't respond to our comments.

    We'd let it pass now, except that you've now made a statement that is either negligently or intentionally sloppy. What exactly do you mean when you say that "NovaGold is yet to start mining at Donlin and is approximately four years away (permitting process)"?

    The fact is, NovaGold's 50% partner at Donlin Creek, ABX has no plans to construct a mine there. It isn't cost effective. Without ABX the mine won't be built. No mine means no gold.

    The recent cash infusion at NG is a sad refrain for shareholders, as the exercise of 36.5 million warrants in the last quarter resulted in the issuance of a like number of shares. We call that dilution; and it speaks volumes about why you have lost nearly 50% of your stake since making the investment.

    You may want to consider selling covered calls or 2.00 puts to recoup your losses so that you can eventually exit this loser. You may also want to consider doing more research and writing fewer "articles". After all, 76 "articles" packed with investment ideas in 60 days has to be exhausting.
    Apr 21, 2013. 07:52 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Sprott Asset's John Embry: Don't Sell Your Metals [View article]
    You're either glossing over, or you just don't get the point.

    "He did not tell people to buy at the top for him to sell at the top.." Sprott and his minions never tell anyone to sell metals. They only advise investors to BUY metals. Reporting that a metals salesman advises everyone to buy their product isn't newsworthy.

    Flash back to April 2011:

    Now take a look at a silver chart. Was Sprott advising everyone in April 2011 to SELL silver? If so, we missed it.

    Nobody is accusing Mr. Sprott of being "unethical". We don't think that it is unethical for a salesman to sell his product (if that's all he is doing).

    The criticism is that interviewing a salesman for his opinion about whether one should buy his product is not financial or investment analysis of the product itself. You had an opportunity to tell your readers why Sprott's recent significant liquidation of his metals position isn't necessarily indicative of his views on whether the price of gold and silver is going north or south and why. You haven't told us why Sprott presently thinks that you may want to consider moving positions in physical metal into mining shares. It's an important distinction given the theme of your article.

    It's VERY noteworthy that he isn't funding new positions in mining shares with God-awful cash. To your credit, at least you didn't re-tell us the ancient tales about "Zimbabwe" or "fiat currency" or the rest of that blather. sort of did.

    Finally, nobody (not us, anyway) is suggesting that anyone short metals or mining shares.
    Apr 20, 2013. 08:58 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • My Next Move With Sandstorm Gold [View article]
    So your general theme is "buy high, sell low". We agree that is not a recipe for investment success.

    We also note that you apparently buy call options. You should try to study how and when to sell them.... puts as well. If you do, you may learn how to hold worthwhile investments and even extract income from them.

    There are a lot of ways to trade.
    Apr 20, 2013. 08:06 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Sprott Asset's John Embry: Don't Sell Your Metals [View article]
    There could be any number of reasons why he sold ; he isn't required to disclose that. But we take a couple of points from this. First, he isn't funding his new investment with supposedly "worthless" cash, he's liquidating a metals position at an allegedly low ball price.

    Second, it shows you what he really knows about where the price of precious metal is headed. He knows no more than any of the rest of us because he could have sold the silver just a few weeks before for over $30.

    Last, the subtle point you have picked up on is that all "metal" isn't the same. Our criticism of the article is that this author (and he isn't alone) doesn't pick up on that. It's either sloppy research or indifference because it doesn't fit the agenda.
    Apr 20, 2013. 07:20 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Sprott Asset's John Embry: Don't Sell Your Metals [View article]
    The author should ask SA to pull this article because Eric Sprott's minion is saying to do the opposite of what Eric Sprott is doing.

    .... as is typical, this is just a sales pitch; it isn't analysis. Shame on SA for publishing this drivel.
    Apr 20, 2013. 06:09 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Central Bank Buying Of Gold Is A Double-Edged Sword [View article] is he making or drinking the kool-aid?

    Good comment.
    Apr 20, 2013. 05:44 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Gold And Silver Royalty Companies, Part 2: Franco-Nevada Corporation [View article]
    Kudos for using a relative strength point & figure of our favorite tools for doing comparative price analysis.

    If you take that one step further and repeat the analysis replacing RGLD for HUI, don't you find that FNV is pretty consistently the stronger performing company over the past 4 years?

    That pattern could change, but as things stand, FNV gets our vote over RGLD in the streaming gold royalty sweepstakes.
    Apr 19, 2013. 02:29 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • What Determines Gold's Price? [View article]
    "Gold is an investor's paradise." ........Not!

    Gold is a TRADER'S paradise. We love the volatility.

    "Gold prices are governed by several variables like US exchange rates, oil prices, dollar index, Dow Jones Industrial Production Index, USA real interest and inflation rates."....... Not!

    Gold prices are governed by market SENTIMENT. That is, the price of gold is a composite of the market participants' PERCEPTION of the variables listed above, and more. There is a difference between reality and the perception of reality.......and the latter accounts for the price of gold.
    Apr 19, 2013. 02:05 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment