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  • Jeff Killeen: A Picky Player's Guide To A Cautiously Optimistic Mining Market [View article]
    @EnforceTheLaw - You can read more about Jeff Killeen here:
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  • Zachary Schumacher's 'State Of The Rare Earths' Address [View article]
    Ninja Trader & Jonarmst - We had to pare it down a lot for SA - read the full article with many more companies discussed (including TRER) here:
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  • How To Vet Graphite Investments: Stephen Riddle [View article]
    Thanks Gregory!

    Good questions. Check out what Jack Lifton says about graphite demand:
    He indicates lithium-ion batteries are very big, and points to fuel cells and nuclear reactors as potential big sources of demand in the future.
    He also suggests that the graphite used in the steel and lubricant industries is of a lower quality, but the more high-tech applications, such as batteries, require more premium quality graphite - which seems to support your understanding.

    Also check out these interviews with Simon Moores and Ron Struthers for more discussion on graphite:
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  • James West: Falling Back In Love With Gold [View article]
    Itinerant - When contributing an article on SA we must remove discussion of companies with a stock price below $1. Check out our website - TheAUReport(dot)com - to see the full interviews. Our Instablog on SA also has more complete interviews, but those are occasionally tweaked a bit from the originals too.

    Mr. West's comment is still present on the article there, but will be edited to say something to the effect that CSI is: "heading into production."
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  • James West: Falling Back In Love With Gold [View article]
    Critical Investor - Thank you for pointing out this error.

    It should read:

    " now knows that it's onto one of the highest-grade platinum/palladium/gold deposits ever discovered and it's heading into production."

    We will make this change on our site and Instablog.
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  • Bob Moriarty: On The Road To Armageddon, Take Shelter In Resources [View article]
    Apologies, the article mistakenly says "tapering" when it should say "quantitative easing". A corrected version of the article is live on our site, here:
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  • 20 Million -- Why Is This Number Critical For Copper? [View article]
    Thank you rosscowden, you are correct. Good catch. We will submit a correction.

    It should be: "Second, the world now needs more than 90 million barrels [90 MMbbl] oil each day."
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  • Why Rick Rule Bought $280M Of Platinum And Palladium [View article]
    Pro-Or has an interesting strategy. We have more info on them here:
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  • 5 Mining Companies That Meet Jamie Mackie's Criteria For Success [View article]
    This interview can be read in its entirety here:
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  • Leonard Melman: Are You Prepared For Hyperinflation? [View article]
    Thanks Ibsa - We are issuing a correction. The figure should not be 3% but rather 3 oz/ton. The 7% and 8% should also be 7 oz/ton and 8 oz/ton.
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  • Recycling, Not Mining, Is The Future For Securing Immediate Platinum Group Metal Supply [View article]
    Sorry guys, try POI.V
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  • Gold Carpet Treatment Promised For Miners In The Dominican Republic: Alexander Medina [View article]
    Thanks Itinerant, good catch! We will correct the interview.
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  • Keys To Rare Earth Companies' Success: Innovation, Cost Efficiency [View article]
    Check out what these experts are saying about Great Western Minerals Group: -- also includes links to our recent interviews with Jack Lifton, Jon Hykawy and Carolyn Dennis, who discuss the company.
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  • Graphite Stock Strategies For A Second Bubble: David Skarica [View article]
    Thank you for pointing this out, Daniel. We are removing that section from the article.
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  • Graphite Stock Strategies For A Second Bubble: David Skarica [View article]
    Check out our interview with Jack Lifton for some fascinating discussion of graphene:

    "Professors Kostya Novoselov and Andre Geim of the University of Manchester were awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics for their work with graphene. British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne recently committed ~$80 million (M) to graphene research, a quest embarked on by almost every major research center and university as well as hundreds of companies, from IBM and Intel to Silicon Valley startups.

    "Graphene is being studied for use in ultra-high-speed microprocessors, as it conducts electricity at a rate 30 times faster than silicon. IBM is examining whether graphene's magnetic traits will allow it to be utilized in medical devices to spot diseases in their earliest stages. The company is also working with the U.S. Department of Defense's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to investigate whether graphene can improve mobile phone efficiency, wireless signal clarity and radar quality. Nokia is researching graphene's potential use in cell phones and touch screens, with the latter usage expected to become commercialized relatively soon, potentially in a foldable phone. One U.S. Department of Energy researcher believes that graphene's energy storage potential will lead to the development of batteries that will triple the range of today's electric vehicles without increasing battery size or weight.

    "In collaboration with South Korea's Sungkyunkwan University, Samsung researchers have created a flexible touchscreen several feet wide from "printed" graphene that could eventually be commercialized in strong, lightweight, flexible solar cells, touch sensors and flat-panel screens, perhaps maybe even directly integrated into clothing. While research-and-development activity is moving from university labs to corporate workplaces, scientists estimate that the first commercial applications of graphene technology are 5 to 10 years away."
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