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Long/short equity, special situations, growth
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I have found it difficult to find information on this subject as interestingly the referral is not mentioned on the company website. My understanding is that ECTE are now concentrating on launching in the EU.
I suspect the process will not be quick.
The FDA has formally referred the Prelude Skin Prep System to the DHHS Combination Products Department. This will delay the products launch in the US.
Looks like the cash spend was one time against acquisitions and facilities capex.
Whatever happened to ECTE decision? I can't find any reference on FDA website.
Any sort of investment vehicle that buys a physical commodity that it is tracking will support the price of that commodity. Granted not all ETFs are buying the physical commodity they track.
Whether you like me or not is of no relevance to my article or me.
Well my post certainly stimulated debate and I would beg to differ with your opinion as there is certainly nothing covert about my article.
The themes I believe that will be at the forefront for investment opportunities are spelt out with specific stocks mentioned. I do not mention any ETF's by name or promote them as a way to gain exposure to the articles themes. They are simply mentioned as a support pillar for the gold price.
Personally, If I was looking at two ETFs with exposure to the same sector then I would favour the ETF that is physically backed by the commodity, rather than one based on futures. They are certainly not all frauds as all companies are not all frauds... a small percentage may be but not all.
I also don't promote the idea that there are "plentiful" supplies of gold, on the contrary I am of the opinion supply is constrained.
That is certainly an option.
My understanding is that UPF is an investment company set up to purchase uranium. A manager, Denison Mining, has been appointed and they pick up some pretty hefty fees for managing the IC.
Denison is a uranium miner themselves, so maybe a conflict of interest there. Not saying there is.... just that there maybe opportunity for this.
I prefer the junior miners as I believe there is greater upside and M&A possibilities.
Check out my coal blog... favourite coal pick Western Coal is up +40% today on takeover talk from Walter Ind...I expect the same in uranium space.