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Well, argument out of context. Sure the iPad is great today although it is absolutely hurting the company's margins as last quarter showed. The problem is Apple's iPad doesn't have the same superiority over other devices amazon and good are basically giving away free as computer and iphone do. If iPad market cannibalizes PC's and companeis are willing to give away free device to control content Apple will lost long -term. Apple also is dealing with analyst estimates high.
Well, LO/RAI market share take
Welll, tobacco 75% of revenues
Well, max penetration, switch some time
Well, Microsoft, Intel, broken businesses dividends past earnings - dividend raises don't make them winners - they are broken - lazy investing lazy returns
Well, Intel, Microsoft, Walgreens, gone nowhere, but dividend raises debt and past earnings make them winners? What a joke - lazy investing lazy returns.
Well, please, not ban
Well this time its different argument bad not
1. Well, buying momentum slowed dramatically, Apple down day of announcement, stock is taking more capital to move up less.
2. Ipad advantages service and appes - is that a joke? Tablet are about user features - kindle, alternative tablet, have all the same core features. Apple can't sell at same price eitehr - you need to do more research - cut prices 20% ahead of iPad 3 launch. 70% market share can only go down. Apple as fashionable fad will not last forever.
3. Obviously Iphone had some penetration of recent in corporate world as many companies enabled employees switch - those haven't in 5 years likely won't moving forward.
4. Investing future not past - Motorola Nokea will become relevatn again as will Samsuny - every phone company that has been where Apple is today for the last 20 years has lost its position Nokia 90s-Razor/motorola-Res... Com
Well, investing future not past.
1. Apple did sell-off on announcement - the stock is up 20% in the last several months - 4% in the last month. Buying momentum slowed dramatically.
2. Ipad will lose market share longer-term - you can't have 70% of a market when amazon,google,borders, are giving away tablets. The Ipad really doesn't even have the significant product advantages computer and iPhone have - Ipad will hurrt Apple longer-term if cannibilization continues and they lose market share.
3. The first iPhone came out in 2007 - if people haven't switched iphone in corporate world or at the low end - cheap older versions iPhone around 4 years - aren't switch now. Iphone is not ideal for corporate users touch screen/low income users want more basic.
4. Absurd to think Apple will have 40% market share smartphone in 5 years - Android phones not only competitiors - motorola,nokia, samsung, will find new product compettive. Smartphone market is not new - market as whole growing fairly limited U.S.
Well, learn read, 3 last 5, all trades right wrong
Well, innovation bigger 1 person
Well, missed point of article, PE highest 3 years, price-sales very expsenive, PE reflects expectations
Well, Price/Sales expensive
Well, you missed the point of the article, Apple's margins dropped 41-42% quarter, price sales very expensive
Well, no major company sustained large market share, RIMM, Nokia, Motorola, etc., competitive
Well, last month cyclicals consistently outperformed, Apple had a couple big days beginning month
Well, 3 last 5 correct
Well, fundamentals matterDecember
Well, 5 calls Apple, 3 correct
Well, Apple take market share grow, smartphone market mature.
Apple's marketshare in China new, could change quickly, they don't have same brand equity
Well, missed the point, company's revenues in China were minimal prior 4s, so now analysts model this
Well, stock underperformed market,
Wee. future not past
Well, learn read, ignorance
Well day not market
Well, div trade
Well, no debt, big cash, not borrowing l bloated dividend pigs
Well, GE better growth COP, XOM for some time - DO has had higher dividend on average 10 years - future not past
Well, PM international underperform month
Well, investing future not past. DO and GE far higher dividends