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    I love how easy people just buy into the lemming notion that amzn is investing in their business and therefore lack of profits today is irrlevant because some day they will flip a switch and turn on this profitablility machine........this article a perfect example of the mindless nonsense spewed by those who take no time to even consider what it is they are saying.......reinvesting profits back into things like warehouses? the facts do not match the words, 99% of the warehouses are leased and will not be future assets......futrher, this so called investment cycle has yielded a negative scaling leverage......if the only goal of a company were to grow revenues, I'm certain wmt could grow them very quickly at the expense of profits......amzn competes in hypercompetative businesses w/ razor thin margins.....they are not the cost leader on many items, and as soon as they stop giving away certain things they will have a massive slowdown in the very revenue everyone is so excited about........I even heard an analyst, Jordan Rohan, speak about gross unit volume multiple instead of a gross revenue multiple, he thinks amzn should trade at 1.8 guv.....this is the height of pure stupidity and creative will come home to roost at some point
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