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The Other Street
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John Gilluly, Contributor
special situations, long/short equity, ETF investing
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Full-time Investor, REITs
Dr. Kris, Contributor
research analyst, portfolio strategy, long/short equity, special situations
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registered investment advisor, bonds, ETF investing, commodities
Cam Hui, CFA, Contributor
CFA, portfolio strategy, macro
Playing the Ponzi, Contributor
long/short equity, contrarian, technical analysis
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long only, momentum, investment advisor, portfolio strategy
Joseph L. Shaefer, Contributor
long/short equity, deep value, growth at reasonable price, long-term horizon
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Newsletter author, Bonds
John M. Mason, Contributor
banks, long-term horizon
mutual fund manager, CFA, registered investment advisor, macro
Independent / boutique research firm analyst, ETFs, Forex
The Other Street, Contributor
Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), Dividend stock ideas & income, Energy stocks