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And $26 million of that $39 million market cap is in cash. If the company's IP is really any good they could be taken over for $3 or $4 a share and still be a steal.
"Hopefully a new CEO will be positive going forward"
It would be hard to be less positive that what BW did during his tenure.
I expect to see another PR in the near future stating they're consulting with some financial institution in regards to "strategic alternatives / options" aka "We're for sale".
$3? You have a vivid imagination. You shorts are usually successful in driving down these microcap stocks that have extremely small number of shares as it's pretty easy to do - especially during periods without news. However, as PXLW continues to obtain design and production wins the price will rise. You shouldn't use the "N" word in regards to investing - you'll regret it.
Thanks for the info. IRIS is going to gain momentum quickly. CVC needs to do better "research" or they will be buried by the impending tsunami.
Pssst...the new ZenPad models with IRIS in them are now on sale at Best Buy.
Short rumors of PXLW's premature death are greatly exaggerated.
Well, your article and the attention it's getting is working to drop the price today. However, your readers that are taking the negative view your preaching and shorting shares at this level are being quite risky with their capital IMO. If, PXLW has another PR soon like the ASUS one the stock price is going to pop up from here a buck or two and they will be seriously underwater. The risk / reward proposition for shorting at this level is not good at all IMO.
Hmmm, so you're advising people to short this after it's already tanked tons in the last three or four weeks and will stabilize here or perhaps a bit lower near the 200 day moving average of $5.16. So what you're really hoping for is to put a bit more pressure on the stock price so you can cover the short position you initiated 3 or 4 weeks ago? LOL.
Yeah, but UniPixel still has Diamond Guard to fall back on. LOL.
Hint: The company is located in Seattle and trades under the symbol MVIS. Don't be mislead by this article full of inaccuracies.
Hope you didn't work up to much of sweat with your boring cut and paste article. Zzzzzzzz.
Nemi, if the co-development deal is with Sony there is another co-development deal that Sony is currently in that might make this more interesting. Sony is in a co-development deal with Mircovision utilizing Microvision's Laser based pico projector technology. The footprint of Microvision's pico projector is small enough to go in a smart phone. The DGL's (Direct Green Lasers) are finally dropping in price to and rising in lumen output to make it feasable. I suppose Sony could be one of PXLW's co-development partners for either the mobile or projector project.
As always...nice article Mark. Pixelworks opportunities in the 4k TV market are nice but it's looking to me like Iris may be the really huge driver going forward for the company. It's getting some great reviews from Computex and of course the volume possibilities in the mobile world are mammoth.
SAN FRANCISCO — As mobile devices have become the video-watching "first screen," for more consumers, the gadgets have revealed a glaring weakness: They can't reliably display HD content on their high-resolution screens without video artifacts.
Large-screen living-room HDTVs are equipped with a video post-processing IC designed to enhance images, but mobile devices come with no such processing pipelines today. They frequently produce images with motion blur and judder.
Pixelworks is the first chip vendor to address this issue. It has developed a small, hardwired mobile video display processor that sits between a mobile SoC and the mobile device's panel. The co-processor uses MIPI for input and small eDP for output.
Expect other vendors (including MediaTek, Qualcomm, Imagination, and NXP Software) to join the mobile video post-processing race, but with vastly different approaches. So far, Pixelworks is the only company launching a small, standalone co-processor to do the job.
Ditto what Aaron said.
I've noticed that the author that wrote the article (Eassa) has a pattern of writing a negative article on small caps and micro caps right after they do a stock offering. Coincidence? No. SA a has some very good Contributors like Mr Gomes....and some with distinct agendas. There are plenty of hacks too. You have to filter everything and be sure to do your own DD.
Thanks for the great response Mark.
Thanks for the legal enlightenment Al.
A great article as always Chris!
"Also Atmel is exploring to license XSense to module manufacturers to expand production.
Because these manufacturers already have the photo lithography equipment required XSense can really expand production exponentially."
Ivan, while Atmel may be "exploring" Unipixel is progressing forward at a rapid pace. With the signing of their ecosystem partner (strong indications it's Intel) and signing Kodak as their production partner, UniPixel will be redefining "expanding exponentially".
People should give a good listen to their recent 1st Qtr CC
Great piece - thanks for sharing the information so thoroughly.
Gorbuch, I think the current price of $26 and change is a tad low at this time and will really be confirmed as low over the next several weeks as many positive catalysts are going to take place and justify a much higher stock price IMO.
Within the next few week another preferred pricing partnership will be announced and in April the company will begin shipping finished product to its first preferred pricing customer - rumored to be Dell. There are other catalysts as well like that will move the stock price along. I would encourage you to read the latest article by Chris at
If you don't currently have a position in the stock it's still at a good entry point. I expect that UNXL will be somewhere between $60 - $75 a share by the end of 2013.
UNXL insiders sold at $22.34 a share on 3/1/13. The stocks up $4 a share since they sold. The selling event is obviously not viewed as a negative by the company's investors and prospective investors. Why? Read Chris Hofmann's article for a primer.
Too many people spin insider selling as always a bad thing. With insider selling for any company you have to look at the entire picture before making a judgement.
Geez Dude, cover your short position, lick your wounds and move on.
Bottom Line why Mr Zhou wrote yet another flimsy hit piece....he and his short buddies are getting crushed!!! UniPixel has another preferred pricing deal that will be signed in the very near future and they will start shipping finished product to the PC manufacturer by the end of April. They all bet the wrong way and they are totally screwed.
Uni-Pixel, Inc. - Common Stock

Short Interest
02/15/2013 3,643,849
01/31/2013 2,465,748
01/15/2013 2,106,565
12/31/2012 983,249
12/14/2012 667,479
You should really change your disclosure just a tad to:
"Disclosure: I am short UNXL and wayyyyyy underwater"
Nice try at a desperation hit piece though.
Very informative article and well worth the read. Their road show presentation from their 8K filed a few days ago has them predicting about $4 eps this year and about $6 eps a share in 2014. If they indeed make these numbers the stock price appreciation should be significant. As you pointed out, it should be a decent investment for a couple of years and then we'll see from there.
Here's a link to the presentation if anyone is interested in viewing it.
As for the MDB Research reports...if you click on the links for any of the companies you'll see none of them are currently working - not just UniPixel's.
Also, in full disclosure you should have disclosed your short position.
These lame attempts to discredit UniPixel, it's product and it's management will certainly continue even though they are filled with errors to mislead investors. However, their impact on the stock price is diminishing and soon, sooner than many think, the formal sales and marketing agreement with Texas Instruments will be out and the next preferred pricing deal. Desparation seems to be these peoples only hope.
Carly, Mark, Leo and now Meg. Compaq, Palm, EDS, and Autonomy. A ship of fools and their foolish moves. HP's recovery, if it indeed happens, will take a long time.
Amen to that - unfortunately spending cuts and higher taxes are the answer..
Really liked your article - quite thorough.
On the last conference call the CEO Reed Killion said that they had already had four design wins for tablets and they currently are working with something like 30 oem's in sampling & testing UniBoss. The first deal is always the toughest one to get. I'm not sure when we'll see the next but I believe we'll see quite a few in 2013.