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  • Hewlett-Packard's Focus On Tablet Market And Restructuring Efforts Make It A Buy [View article]
    "HP suffered a considerable loss of $8.9 billion in the last quarter, primarily due to the drastic decrease in computer sales, the economic turmoil in Europe and slow growth in China."

    That was to adjust for the goodwill on the books from the EDS purchase not "a drastic decline in computer sales". The company is still not anywhere near a buy at this point but that statement is way off base.
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  • 6 Reasons To Stay Away From Hewlett-Packard [View article]
    "meg whitman clearly stated on the last conference call that cost cuts will be plowed back into the company to drive innovation"

    I'll believe that when I see it. HP has completely forgotten how to innovate. Carly, Mark and Leo were all very damaging to HP in their own different ways. I don't see Meg being successful with that. The company needs to get back to its engineering roots and hire a CEO that to some degree has an engineering background.

    As for the $50 to $60 price target...I don't see that at all. The only stable margins they have are the low margins from their "me too" businesses. Their margins in pc's and services will shrink over the next few years as the competition gets more fierce.
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  • Hewlett-Packard: Recent Director Stock Purchases... Much Ado About Nothing? [View article]
    HP Shareholder - I totally agree and that's why I wrote the piece. I hated the way the story kept on being touted that there was this huge insider buy and that this must be the time to jump in and buy HP stock. It was essentially pre-arranged due to the director agreement. I agree...lets see Whitman put a significant amount of skin in the game as a vote of confidence.
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  • Hewlett Packard: 75% Profit Likely By Mid 2014 [View article]
    HP is a dinosaur that is slowly going extinct and in need of some great leadership - which it hasn't had in years. When Fiorina took over she came up with "HP Invent" as the company's new slogan. However, HP hasn't "invented" anything new and innovative in decades since they came up with the Laserjet printer. It's been a "Me Too" company for years and needs to get back to R&D and Engineering roots that made it great.

    I see no way that it will provide a 75% return in the next 18 months. The company can cut 25k - 30k employees and improve the bottom line like it did with Hurd at the helm but that game isn't going to play with Wall Street again and the stock price won't be rewarded for it like it was before. Wall Street wants to see top line growth and innovative new products.

    The company's HP Services has never threatened IBM or Accenture, they're way overweight in the PC business and their printer business has been leveling off for years now. Bottom line: the company is in more trouble than the average investor knows. Then, throw in the awful CEO hiring mistakes they've made time and time again and you have a perfect investment to stay away from.

    Perhaps this is why the author hasn't bought any shares. However, if you're going to be writing about and promoting this dog food you should be eating the same - it's only fair.
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  • HP Employee Disgruntlement Runs Deep [View article]
    I'd have to agree with most of the negative comments listed in the posts above. I took the early retirement package offered in May of 2007 after a 26 year career with HP. Neighbors and friends asked me why since I wasn't even 50 years old yet?

    I was tired of not being able to give any of my employees annual salary increases or nothing more than a 1% increase while top management was raking in millions in salary, stock and options. I had also had it with the WFR process. The last few years I was forced to lay off many of my employees that were doing excellent work while we "transitioned" our business to India and Costa Rica.

    Speaking of that...what HP did to their customers as we outsourced our work to foreign countries was criminal! No company should abuse their customers that way. We took our customers from receiving the care and treatment of highly qualified and dedicated people and putthem in the hands of people that were not the least bit ready to support our customers in any way shape or form.

    Eventually, I believe HP's gross lack of focus on it's employees and customer's will come back to bite it in the butt. I remember the first 16 years at HP very fondly...the last 10 were somewhat bitter.

    One more comment on something a previous poster said in regards to working 8:30 - 5:00. When HP still had Bill & Dave active in the company or when John Young or Lew Platt were CEO, the atmosphere was such that employees gladly stayed after 5:00 to finish work they were doing on projects or to pull together to get things done and accomplish goals. That feeling started to die when Carly arrived and Hurd killed it for good when he arrived. Now the parking lots empty quickly at 5:00.

    Long live the "Old HP Way" even if only in our memories.
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