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@Mongoose Gold has been traded down in the past 6 sessions, the $900 to $910 is clearly a support level. If it can hold that level, then we will see gold rally back.
@ROLEX I am not sure whether we will benefit from having fewer banks around as there will be less competition. Actually, from a customer point of view, nationalization of the big banks may not be a bad idea because then we won't worry about our money, though as investors, we don't like that idea.
Thanks for the information. Very helpful.
Hi everybody:
Thanks for the suggestions. I will look at some of ratios to add to the article. Also, for individual stocks, dividend growth rate is quite important in evaluating a stock's long-term performance in terms of dividend payout. However, due to limited resources, I am not sure if I can find all the information I need or not, but I will try. Actually, the initial purpose of the article was to compare the performance of dividend paying ETFs and see how much they are different from each other.
Frank Emery: Yes, companies in the financial, utility and real estate sectors usually pay higher dividends. I will take a look at international dividend ETFs later.
Frank Li: The ER column has the expense ratio of each ETF.
bigjohn_hk: The main reason I am considering replacing Powershares ETFs with Vanguard ETFs is cost. Vanguard ETFs have much lower ER then Powershares ETFs and with a higher yield as well.
Indeed I made a mistake on the open price and IPO date of EDU (probably the others as well). I used Yahoo Finance to get the data and the first trading day available on Yahoo Finance is Sept. 15 with the open price of $25.36. Apparently I assumed Sept. 15, 2006 was the IPO day of EDU. I checked my record (I don't own the stock) and found the IPO day of EDU was actually Sept. 8, 2006. It was priced at $15, but opened at $22. I don't have records for LFC and BIDU, so I can't verify the open prices of them. But the point I was trying to make was these stocks all traded lower shortly after a strong IPO. But for XFML, the hype wasn't there.
Jerry: If you look at the how BIDU, LFC, and EDU moved after their IPOs, you know what I meant "went down." EDU opened at $25.36 on Sept. 15, 2006 and stayed around $25 until Nov. 7, 2006. BIDU opened at $66 on Aug. 5, 2006 and closed at $122, then went all the way down to $45 on Feb. 6, 2006. As for LFC, it opened at $8.7 on Dec. 17, 2003, traded as high as $13 on Dec. 29, then reached low of $7.5 on May 10, 2004. What I wanted to say was though all these traded higher when they first went public, but subsequently slided in the next several months before eventually started to take off (LFC stayed around $10 for more than one year until July 2005). So the hype of these Chinese stocks are obvious.