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Fourteen years as a stock trader, devised a new stock market system that is fair, highly stable, and not like the musical chair game we have now (sent to the SEC, members of Congress, and others since 2010), devised a modified proxy vote system to enable the many small shareholders a greater voice to bring down executive compensation, and devised a math based PEG ratio: P/(12E(1+G)^2). I hope S&P's Capital IQ adopts this robust PEG ratio formula as per my communications with them - the presently used formula was produced by a guess that SEEMED like it provided a useful metric but it is broadly a misapplication (the presently used formula is like saying multiplying two numbers is the same as adding may look ...More
  • Description: Professional Blogger. Trading frequency: Weekly
  • Interests: ETFs
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Stock market realities Through this site you may also locate the site: "proposedsolutions" and many others.The proposed solutions site is 40-pages long concentrating mostly on economic reforms to effect prosperity in this nation and which was given to many of our to leaders.
Thoughtful Living Besides behavior and health sections, the rest of the book deals predominantly with finance and proposed solutions to get prosperity in our country. I am providing a new, manipulation-resistant stock market system and which was given to the SEC, a modified proxy voting system to enable the many smaller ...More