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  • Hotel Industry: Competitive Factors And Discussion Of Hotel Franchisors As An Investment Opportunity
       • Tue, Apr. 15 CHH, HLT, WYN 1 Comment


    • Both hotel franchisors and franchisees experience inflation resistant growth, helping to deliver positive real returns to investors.
    • Hotel franchisors exhibit strong competitive advantages and impressive returns on capital, especially amongst market leaders, making a strong case for investing in the sector.
    • The hotel industry goes through regular, predictable cycles, which affects the number of guests staying at hotels, the revenue per room, and growth in the number of hotels.
    • This market cycle dramatically affects the profits of hotel owners due to their high level of operating leverage, but has a diminished impact on franchisors.
    • Many of the top hotel franchisors have reached lofty relative valuations, and would warrant a pullback before purchasing shares, with IHG presenting the best buying opportunity.
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