Thomas Kennedy

Value, growth, growth at reasonable price, etf investing
Thomas Kennedy
Value, growth, growth at reasonable price, ETF investing
Contributor since: 2013
value, research analyst, growth at reasonable price, consumer non-durables
Michael Boyd, Contributor
long/short equity, contrarian, medium-term horizon, mid-cap
Trading the Spread, Contributor
value, contrarian, event-driven, growth at reasonable price
Keubiko, Contributor
long/short equity, deep value, value, special situations
long only, value, special situations
ETFguide, Contributor
independent research, ETF investing, dividend investing
AlphaBetaWorks, Contributor
CFA, portfolio strategy, insider ownership, ETF investing
The Value Investor, Contributor
long/short equity, special situations, value
long-term horizon, gold, ETF investing, tech
mutual fund manager, portfolio strategy
Dane Bowler, Contributor
long/short equity, value, hedge fund analyst, REITs
special situations, contrarian, medium-term horizon, event-driven
Milo Jones, Contributor
growth at reasonable price, long-term horizon, event-driven, portfolio strategy
Brad Thomas, Contributor
dividend growth investing, REITs, newsletter provider, value
Special Situations, Contributor
long/short equity, special situations, value, event-driven
Chris DeMuth Jr., Contributor
value, event-driven, arbitrage, hedge fund manager
Whopper Investments, Contributor
deep value, special situations, event-driven, arbitrage
value, contrarian, coat tail rider, idiosyncratic research
dividend investing, long only, CFA, registered investment advisor
Jake Huneycutt, Contributor
deep value, long/short equity, contrarian, hedge fund manager
Get ready for today's market
Cahaba Research, Contributor
value, growth at reasonable price, long-term horizon
Robert Rhodes, Contributor
long only, special situations, momentum, long/short equity
Larry Swedroe, Contributor
portfolio strategy, value
Tom Armistead, Contributor
Retail investor, long/short equity, dividend investing, medium-term horizon
Kevin Wrotenbery, Contributor
value, long-term horizon, portfolio strategy
Morningstar, Contributor
research analyst, long/short equity, dividend investing, ETF investing
Joel Litman, Contributor
long/short equity, bonds, research analyst, macro
Matthew Claassen, Contributor
Independent / boutique research firm analyst, ETFs, Options
Ploutos, Contributor
value, momentum, portfolio strategy