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  • The Definitive Guide To Global Gold Supply [View article]
    We watch hundreds of precious metals companies and have not seen anything serious or imminent about this with gold. In the near to mid-term, there would be likely no impact. It is highly unlikely to do this type of operation with all-in costs of less than what is being done today ($1,300-$1,400 per oz).

    We have seen notes on this for rare earths, like the deposit in Japan:

    To properly explore and define a gold deposit, it can take 10-15 years. To date, I haven't heard of much seabed drilling. Plus, you have to figure out what to deal with many engineering issues and tailings. VMS deposits may be a likely deposit, but gold is usually a by-product for those (about 2% of the world's gold is mined through VMS deposits).
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  • The Definitive Guide To Global Gold Supply [View article]
    Power is the biggest input to all mining - if super cheap electricity were invented (say, Cold Fusion), then getting gold out of sea water would be potentially economical. At the same time, even deposits of 0.5 g/t would be economical as it would cost basically nothing to mine, crush, and process the rock.
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  • Which Gold Company Will Be The Next Takeover Target? [View article]
    Yes, PVG had the scare with the QP quitting, but definitely the bulk sample results have been a relief to shareholders. Our system has it as one of the best deposits in the world and Quartermain has a history of success.

    It is a bit of an odd deposit geologically, but as long as it holds up to the feasibility study economics, it should be a very low cost producer.
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  • Which Gold Miners Must Replenish Their Reserves Through Mergers And Acquisitions? [View article]
    Yes, our plan was to put out something on that topic in the next week or two. Using our database, we have several juniors that we think are excellent targets for takeovers.
    Feb 1, 2014. 03:01 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Key Metrics For Junior Miners: 'Skin In The Game' And 'Smart Money' [View article]
    Hi omooc,
    Management common share ownership correlates with success. In our other article, on G&A, we are talking about the General Administrative Expense Ratio, which is the % of the total expenses that admin takes up. The higher this ratio, the more the management is spending on "admin expenses". This is a bad thing and does not correlate with success.

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  • The Visual Capitalist's Guide To Precious Metals Stock Picking [View article]
    Hi Energex,
    Yes, Torex is a high rated company in our system. From our perspective, it is one of the best companies in Mexico right now. The royalties are a concern, but as long as a company has a good asset, don't be surprised to see it come roaring back when gold gets some action.

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  • What Is The Cost Of Mining Gold? [View article]
    I understand where you are coming from FF, we are a Canadian company so we like our loonies - Years ago pre-fiscal disaster the talk was how the Euro was so strong and thus would become the new reserve currency, now quite the opposite. Will the Yuan or Rupee be our next reserve currency? Possibly, but given the fact that a substantial amount of the population outside of North America WANTS to and is learning English then this is probably the best indicator of what the "reserve" currency is / will be.
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  • What Is The Cost Of Mining Gold? [View article]
    Thank's HI, I have read a lot of your posts on the all-in costs. We used Barrick as an example in the article. Those costs came directly from their all-in cost provided in their financials. If you look at the above example closely you will see that we have mine rehabilitation and sustaining capex on the outer circle, and royalties are included in the cash-cost which is the inner circle.
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  • Is It Time To Rotate From Defensive Sectors Into Riskier Assets? [View article]
    Riskybiz - your ability to hold since 2009 is fantastic, excellent job. Using some of the proceeds to diversify away from the defensive sectors allows you to wade into other areas of the markets. The GE investment is particularly attractive because along with the tech / industrial exposure you also gain access to foreign market developments while "still remaining at home" paying close attention to the activities of these types of companies also provides an excellent perspective on when to move into more foreign BRIC etc investments.
    May 9, 2013. 03:41 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is It Time To Rotate From Defensive Sectors Into Riskier Assets? [View article]
    That would be quite ironic if that were to happen considering defensive sectors normally are more stable and less volatile.
    Our point was to suggest that as the retail investor comes back and enjoys success in the "safe haven" areas of the markets that money will flow into the beaten down riskier assets as investors chase higher returns.
    May 8, 2013. 02:58 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Rare Earth Elements: The Technology Metals [View article]
    Quite right captainccs, apologies for the oversight. In the process of correcting as we speak.
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  • Graphite: The Driving Force Behind Green Technology [View article]
    Hi rbtbob,
    We produce independently researched infographics on the resource sector. Lomiko sponsored this particular one and uses it (along with several other companies) to educate investors about the graphite market. It also appears on the Vantagewire Graphite Learning Center, will be in ResourceWorld in May's issue, and was in the Graphite Express Conference (Vancouver / Toronto) booklets.

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  • Graphite: The Driving Force Behind Green Technology [View article]
    Hi sleek/TruffelPig - there was an exploit in Wordpress about 3-4 days ago and both Avast and AVG have been slow to update their database. The problem was resolved but those two scanners are still blocking the site. We've written back in to AVG/Avast to re-scan the link and update their systems.

    Thanks for the warnings - much appreciated.
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