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Deep value, value, special situations, portfolio strategy
Tim Cunningham
Deep value, value, special situations, portfolio strategy
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Zero by mid 2017
This stock is dying a slow death. Horrible management.
I only see increased traffic to their stores. My only complaint is that employees don't seem happy. Why not give them stock options?
To the author:
I am sorry if I missed it somewhere but can't they take some of the revolver and buyback most of their debt?
Just awful swindling of shareholder money making the same promises year after year. They had a nice portfolio of brands but let them go up in flames. Listen to VAD on recent CC. He speaks for all shareholders.
Not hard to bash stocks when 90 percent are headed into the toilet. Our debt is so horrible (not $18T) at 145T that we are a bankrupt country. The only thing we have done since 2008 is kick the can. Our unfunded liabilities are staggering. Explain to me how this gets solved? With what? What growth? We are headed for a 3rd World Country and I see no way out. I only wish I woke up sooner.
2015 and January 2016 has been humbling. I doubt there are very few that have not lost a fortune during this period. It has all happened so fast. This is my complaint against computers. You cannot tell me that everyone wakes up and decides to sell everything regardless of how the company is doing.
I have decided to short this given that management can careless. Their IR is awful. They have collected nice paychecks while shareholders watched this plunge 80%. I don't see why it won't continue below $1.
Their debt seems like a steal assuming they survived!
Bizarre group of holdings. I would choose lmvtx if you want weird.
Short everything. Market is sick
$30 is a drop in the bucket. I see a deal getting done $28-32 this year.
Stock is a steal. $80 target is reasonable.
Earnings will stink.
Comps are going to be ugly. I get nauseated just thinking about eating a fecal melt. I think you should be able to get $350 post earnings. Be patient.
People thought $90 was too cheap And now think $11 is expensing!
Vad was right on. Executives have made a killing while shareholders have gotten a bag of empty promises.
Company is poised for liftoff if their sales crew does it right.
Worst start in history, even Great Depression. Algos are messing up market. Well, VOXX, TZOO, RAVE ,AAPL really strong buys now.
Disclosure long all 4.
Let's keep raising them. Fed blew it in December. There were no economic reasons to raise. So much for Happy 2016. VOXX is stealing the CES show and stock is still stuck.
Remember the CEO bashing the $2 target at the 1st conference call? Now we are going to 0.
Well, I didn't see this happening. They need to buyback stock to get it safely over $1. Management being silent during this crash is such poor investor relations.
Problem is that many super talented people never get the chance to be CEO no matter how hard they work.
You don't think their real estate has increased in 10 years?
I always wonder why articles are written like this when author has no position in the stock. Why care?
do I need a calculator in life to do these problems/
Buy CVSL instead. Easy triple.
Good job Holger on Travelzoo.
Raising rates in a bear market with global growth likely negative is absolutely stupid.
Company is toast. Economy is way worse than media portrays. Look up Baltic dry index and its correlation to economy. I don't see BTU surviving. I bet on it a couple years ago and was wrong.