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  • Timothy Bryan
    $NOK Ericsson came in at 8% operating margins for the Q3, 5.5% less than NOK. We are really lucky to have Suri....
    Oct 24, 9:10 AM
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    • Timothy Bryan: I think it is becoming clear throughout the industry that NOK may have the best products and execution. Any experts want to chime in?
      Oct 24, 9:41 AM
    • mepa84: I expect to see investors sell $ERIC and buy $NOK in coming days. From the recent earnings it is clear that $NOK is the best in this sector.
      Oct 24, 10:54 AM
      • Timothy Bryan
        $NOK Good to see that Suri made clear HERE's strategy will focus on automotive and businesses. The former HERE CEO must have not agreed....
        Oct 24, 6:12 AM
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        • Pimust: I believe Android version shows NOK is in short term going after maximizing user base that would make it easier to sell devices later on.
          Oct 24, 7:48 AM
        • La Rue: Agreed...
          Oct 24, 8:27 AM
          • Timothy Bryan
            $NOK 13.5 % margins in Networks! How are they so crushing their competitors in profitability?
            Oct 23, 1:14 AM
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            • La Rue: Happy days are HERE :)
              Oct 23, 8:17 AM
            • Jayyyyyy: nice!!
              Oct 23, 9:54 AM
              • Timothy Bryan
                $NOK It is a blowout! 13% topline growth
                Oct 23, 1:02 AM
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                • Timothy Bryan: &Shaker and BB, this should give a 10-15 percent boost at least, but the market is crazy, so you never know. My guess is we are over 9...
                  Oct 23, 1:39 AM
                • La Rue: Congratulations longs :)
                  Oct 23, 1:40 AM
                  • Timothy Bryan
                    $NOK A little off topic, but it is hard to believe how absolutely annihilated ALU and AMD are getting at the moment...
                    Oct 10, 1:40 PM
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                    • mepa84: Thinking to take small positions in both of them as well as $JCP and $GTATQ. These stocks are like options, become zero or 200-300% gain
                      Oct 10, 3:15 PM
                      • Timothy Bryan
                        $NOK The only thing I can find that may have caused the rise today is in Swedish, which says it is based off of expectations that MSFT's
                        Oct 6, 4:49 AM
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                        • La Rue: This should help investors see Nokia for its potential. Time to rumble :)
                          Oct 6, 8:32 AM
                        • mepa84: That's enough to lift it to $10 to make the SP more realistic. Current SP is ridiculously too low.
                          Oct 6, 10:59 AM
                          • Timothy Bryan
                            Nokia's Continuing Execution Will Lead To Large PPS Gains In The Short, Medium, And Long Term $NOK
                            Sep 25, 2:59 PM
                              • Timothy Bryan
                                $NOK Big interview with Suri. Quite a good read...
                                Aug 29, 2:55 AM
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                                • Timothy Bryan:
                                  Aug 29, 2:56 AM
                                • alphaRAJU: Thanks Timothy. I like his enthusiasm.
                                  Aug 29, 9:51 AM
                                  • Timothy Bryan
                                    $NOK Interesting article about the upcoming TIZEN watches by Samsung, with HERE onboard...
                                    Aug 28, 2:46 PM
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                                    • im626: Problem with this is that other big players are not using Tizen. Huawei's boss said Tizen has 'no chance' of success.
                                      Aug 28, 2:59 PM
                                    • La Rue: In the meantime, lets get HERE out there.
                                      Aug 28, 3:15 PM
                                      • Timothy Bryan
                                        $NOK another 20 million shares only 1.5 hours into he trading day...
                                        Aug 20, 10:44 AM
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                                        • Doug Dallam: Crazy. Ticks are looking up again too. If this is like other runs, it's pretty much over, and now we'll see it drop back into the high 7s.
                                          Aug 20, 10:53 AM
                                        • Doug Dallam: Kinda running horizontal now and rounding off. Yesterday was late day run though. But that was the start. This could be the end.
                                          Aug 20, 10:54 AM
                                          • Timothy Bryan
                                            $NOK operating profit guess for Q3? My take is 550 million or more....which should crush "analyst" expectations....
                                            Aug 14, 9:16 AM
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                                            • Timothy Bryan: So with that you could have a pre-announcement
                                              Aug 14, 11:28 AM
                                            • Doug Dallam: Yeah that would be good. Like today. :)
                                              Aug 14, 11:56 AM
                                              • Timothy Bryan
                                                $NOK Momentum for this year and next...
                                                Jul 30, 8:12 AM
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                                                • alphaRAJU: Network growth is forecasted until 2016.
                                                  Jul 30, 3:09 PM
                                                • mepa84: @alpha, forecasted by $NOK and market is skeptical and proving the growth makes your portfolio value to rise.
                                                  Jul 30, 5:37 PM
                                                  • Timothy Bryan
                                                    $NOK anyone want to guess EPS for Q3? I think it will be at least .14, which is way above any estimate I see out there...
                                                    Jul 29, 5:16 PM
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                                                    • seymore4: Finally having no loses from the D&S will really help
                                                      Jul 30, 10:33 AM
                                                    • Jayyyyyy: very possible for earnings TB and the buyback should move the sp
                                                      Jul 30, 12:30 PM
                                                      • Timothy Bryan
                                                        $NOK we got another contract....
                                                        Jul 28, 8:26 PM
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                                                        • La Rue: Working overtime diablo. Good dig..
                                                          Jul 28, 9:01 PM
                                                        • mepa84: Thanks.
                                                          Jul 28, 11:28 PM
                                                          • Timothy Bryan
                                                            $NOK PPS for the next 3 quarters. So, I think we are now is position to imagine where the PPS will go over the next 3 quarters. It would
                                                            Jul 26, 2:27 PM
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                                                            • seymore4: Nevermind the fact that we all got a 50 cent dividend along the way
                                                              Jul 28, 3:57 PM
                                                            • Doug Dallam: Looks like it may have found new support.Too early to tell, but tomorrow will be interesting.
                                                              Jul 28, 10:29 PM
                                                              • Timothy Bryan
                                                                $NOK I is even better than we think guys. NOK forecasted growth of about 6 percent in Q1, we got 9.3. In Q2 they looked for margin to drop,
                                                                Jul 24, 2:01 AM
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                                                                • Timothy Bryan: it happens on rare occasions mepa :-)
                                                                  Jul 24, 7:13 AM
                                                                • seymore4: Where's our good friend AH on days like this :)
                                                                  Jul 24, 9:52 AM
                                                                  • Timothy Bryan
                                                                    $NOK 11 % Margins in Networks! Whoah!
                                                                    Jul 24, 1:16 AM
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                                                                    • alphaRAJU: I'm loving it!1
                                                                      Jul 24, 5:36 AM
                                                                    • jamesingram32: Today is a great day. All the better for the wait. Very Finnish, thanks.
                                                                      Jul 24, 6:32 PM
                                                                      • Timothy Bryan
                                                                        $NOK I think with the 692 million dollar loss that MSFT took from NOK this quarter, we are likely to see higher D&S losses for the quarter
                                                                        Jul 23, 2:43 AM
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                                                                        • La Rue: Ditto James. Today was a good day for longs.
                                                                          Jul 24, 7:08 PM
                                                                        • jamesingram32: Thanks TB, NOK sure does look different, post D&S, and after this set of results
                                                                          Jul 25, 6:03 PM
                                                                          • Timothy Bryan
                                                                            $NOK HERE buys another company.....
                                                                            Jun 12, 9:13 AM
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                                                                            • wiredless: Added 30% to my position today. Thinking the dead money trading range days are almost over.
                                                                              Jun 13, 12:12 PM
                                                                            • La Rue: Now you're talking :)
                                                                              Jun 13, 12:29 PM
                                                                              • Timothy Bryan
                                                                                $NOK Something to think about guys, regarding the near-term success of Networks. Think about the last two earnings' calls, in January Suri
                                                                                May 30, 4:38 AM
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                                                                                • ttc537dp: Good thought, thanks.
                                                                                  May 30, 9:37 AM
                                                                                • mepa84: Good stuff, Tim. Your comments are much more informative than many articles in SA and Fools.
                                                                                  May 30, 10:53 AM