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These things are thin enough. I just don't want to hear about hoe the next ip... Is a sliver thinner than a spider's silk. This and msft are twins.
Good to hold but better to sell.
Bryan the Newton still has a cult following, it was just a little before its time and did not have Steve to make it an object of desire.
Misreading the market is not a sign of strength. Sorry I don't buy that. Apple is already in the phone market which is morphing into the phablet market. Eventually the phablets cannibalize phones, tablets, and laptops. When Apple was at 700 expectations were for a larger phone an phablet. The iPhone 5 was the trigger for the sell off. The 4s was a better product. So that was a bad sign. Apple loyalists bought the 5 but were hugely disappointed by the purchase. I would prefer to have my 4s back and may sell the 5 on eBay to get a 4s.
Agreed, it is easy to understand that the initial product developed in 2007 would be available in only one size, however 6 years later...?
Well is not good enough when you are a leader.
So to make the iPad an effective Wacom tablet would a new screen need to be made for the iPad? Or could all of the technology be placed inside the pen or input device, brush or pen, pencil whatever?
There are several companies that would help Apple to create disruptive products, DISH is one. Here are a few others:
Warren Buffet is still alive, lets see what happens to the stock when he goes the way off all Saints. Apple can innovate slowly but they failed to recognize the large phone market and the phablet market which required an IQ above 100 not innovation. Missing an opportunity is dumb. Suppose Bill Gates had told IBM he didn't have an OS? He never mentioned that fact and went out an bought DOS. When the opportunity to sell 125 million units is staring you in the face and you talk about the rule of thumb in ads you have lost your way as a company. http://seekingalpha.co...
Not sure the UN is a government.
"Apple's main challenge is...to meet demand." This was an idea put forward by Andy Zaky, Nick Nansen and other Super Bulls. It is false. There is no supply shortage of iPhones.
Interesting article, I always thought the Newton had potential which Palm later tapped. Apple at the time did not have the resources to develop and support two different OS's. In someways the Newton is the Father to iPhone and iPad. Your thoughts on FB are worth a mention. FB is an interesting idea, but it should be run by the United Nations. This would create a world community and prohibit mining of information, now it is just a forest for advertisers picking mushrooms.
Like a friend of mine said about Tonya Harding, "A little too competitive.".
There are tons of uses for iPads that go beyond the phone, in retail for example one can show customers pictures of products on an iPad (a larger 8 by 11.5 would be better-like holding a clipboard) than a phone.
Please see my post on JCP to find out. http://seekingalpha.co...
That is a good point not lost on Samsung. They are developing their own OS.
Haven't washed many pigs but understand they are hard to catch when greased.
The dividends belong to the shareholders.
Thanks. Perhaps you might enjoy my blog which is mostly about Apple: http://seekingalpha.co...
Some of the articles are funny, which is something SA does not find within their scope to publish.
Actually the founding fathers were not so keen on patents. Jefferson wanted to eliminate them and write that into the constitution. Copyright laws are absurd now as well. There has been a Copyright on the Mouse of Disney for over 90 years. Patents and Copyrights are supposed to protect people not corporations. They need to be enforced, but limited in terms of years. That is my opinion. Drug companies take ideas from universities and patent them? Then they pay generic drug makers to not make the drugs. How is that right?
People who like to draw and take notes with a stylus, paint with various brushes and who knows what else are a market Apple could have but so far have shown an unwillingness to go after. That does not every one wants a stylus for their calligraphy work but there are some out there who do. Painter, Studio Artist and Adobe could then come out with really great graphic arts programs for the iPad and larger iPads to sell to artists might be a small but important market as well. How cool would it be to se an artist painting the Mendocino coastline on a full sized (2 feet by 3) iCanvas that could be signed by the artist and printed in a gallery in SF in real time?
But not insanely great. There is a huge difference. If they had sold 50 million more phones and phablets over the last 3 quarters there stock would still be at a PE of 15 or 16.
Trade unions and liberals? Please explain that comment. I can't see the connection to negative press on Apple and liberals or trade unions?
Why, I hope you are right but I fear that picking CEO's was not one of Steve's best talents.
How do you know this? Apple has strongly stated there is no need for a phone larger than the 5.
So the Wacom pen and brush technology is independent of the screen?
Thank you. Could you be specific, it is a long article. I am not the world's best proof reader.
Thanks. Could you be specific?
" to take all the things we knew about how to sell things " sort of begs the question: Who is we? Most tech stores are big box stores, ugly loud and cheap. Most upscale department stores have been "nice" compared to Wal-Mart or K-mart. None of the tech stores have ever been tourist attractions like Apple's best. And none of the clothing stores have had the variety of products displayed in such a way to be so easy on the eyes as Anthropologie. Marshall Fields was never ugly but it was also never close to being Anthropologie.
I really don't think it is so difficult to make different sized phones. Samsung makes over 30 different Qwerty phones for those who are in love with the "25 cent plastic keyboard" that Jobs like to make fun of. The reality is when the iPhone was introduced its screen was much larger than the Palm or Blackberry's it was competing against. But over time tastes change. People use the phone for much more than calls and emails. If you are near sighted or have big hand the apps are much easier to use on the iPad than the iPhone. Apple should be working to please its customers. That is how retail works, you don't tell your customers to by a magnifying glass to read your phone, you build a large phone. If Cook does not deliver a larger phone he will be history with in a year.
Note that the January 2014 puts are around $2. The 2015 around $3.50. Sorry for the error.
Thanks for the information.