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  • The Bank Of Amazon: How Long Will Suppliers, Sellers And Customers Keep The Doors Open? [View article]
    AMZN gross margin will continue to rise due to how they do their accounting - they set AWS and 3P at 100% GM and the costs are stuffed into Tech & Content (AWS server depreciation & maintenance + streaming depreciation content costs) and in fulfillment (3P transaction & FBP costs). As I have written about in the past AMZN articles, fulfillment and tech & Content costs will increase faster than revenue due to this (and faster than gross margin increases) - therefore net margins will continued to be pressured over the next several years. Add to this the FCF issues they will see based on this article, and they are in some trouble.
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  • Amazon: Primed to Undercut Wal-Mart [View article]
    Guru - you have to condense your thoughts down to value. What are each of the positives you mention worth vs. the negatives? Have you thought through what AMZN has to execute to be worth $260?

    Let's assume AMZN can reach its potential in 3 years (2015).
    - If Revenue grows at 20% per year, 2015 revs will be $61*(1.2^3) = $105B.
    - At 20% rev growth, with EPS growing a little faster potentially, give 'em a P/E of 25 (3x Appl in that rev/growth range). They would need $10.40 in EPS.
    - $10.40 in EPS is 4.7% Net Margin

    That is almost 5% net margin (vs. 1% analyst estimate for 2013) in 2015 for the stock to be worth $260 today .. meaning, you get no gain on your Long investment for beyond perfection performance.

    Another way to look at it ... If they hit 3% net margin (my math shows that is a huge stretch) on $105B in revs in 2015, and you want a 10% return per year on the stock, you should not pay more than $126 today.

    So, at $100 or so I would agree you comments lead to a bullish context as those positives would provide value at that price. At $260, those positives are not nearly enough.
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  • Amazon Is Cheaper Than You Think [View article]
    Worse than using actuals is to assume that future performance will be significantly better than prior performance. AMZN has proven time and time again (nearly every Q that transpires) that future performance looks a lot like the past - great revenue growth, low margin, no earnings, and cash flow generated by pushing out payables and paying their employees with bloated stock RSU's.

    There has been no correlation @ AMZN of revenue growth to profitability. In fact, one could argue if it did exist it would be negative.
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  • Amazon Is Cheaper Than You Think [View article]
    Money Investor, revenue growth is not what a multiple should be based on - should be based on Free Cash Flow growth. Check out the FCF growth of those companies - eBay and WMT have much better historical FCF growth. eBay potential for future FCF growth is much greater as well - check out the news this morning on AMZN is getting sued by a group of on-line merchants for AMZN payables policy. AMZN FCF had grown through WC as their operations continues to lose money. The music will stop on that very soon as payables has been pushed as far as it go already - and may now is in danger of having to shrink. They will need to go get more debt if that happens.
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  • Amazon Is Cheaper Than You Think [View article]

    Operating cash flow is not a useful measuring stick, because you are ignoring required investment to maintain the business operations (capex). So you remove D&A expense and ignore Capex .. this will get you in trouble quickly.

    If you want to use cash flow - you need to look at Free Cash Flow. even this is not perfect as it ignores dilution on an absolute basis (that is why I like to measure w/ FCF per share) and can get skewed significantly by short-term WC changes (AMZN is the master of this, so you need to be careful here).

    Let's compare eBay and AMZN FCF as they are very similar competitors:

    Fee Cash Flow from 2009-2012
    AMZN $2.9B, $2.5B, $2.1B, $0.4B
    eBay: $1.3B, $2.0B, $2.3B, $2.6B

    Amazon FCF is dropping due to capex investments (like a $1.4B HQ in 2012) and opex growth. Let's remove the $1.4B HQ 1-time investment in 2012 and use a $1.8B FCF number for AMZN.

    AMZN trades at 66.1x FCF ($119B MKT Cap / $1.8B FCF)
    eBay trades at 25.2x FCF ($65.4B Mkt Cap / $2.6B FCF)
    WMT trades at 22.4x FCF ($242.2B MKT Cap / $10.8B FCF)

    This is apples to apples and shows you that AMZN is about 2-3x overvalued in comparison to eBay & WMT. A very high price to pay for marginally higher growth over eBay in 2013.
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  • Amazon's Q1 Will Be Impacted By Sluggish Key Segment Retail Sales [View article]
    HS, Yes JP Morgan was left out, and can't be a coincidence.

    Debt issue included Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, HSBC and Merrill Lynch. MS has been the biggest ridiculous pumper (as I have written in other articles).
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  • Diamond Foods Q2 Results: Gross Margin And Free Cash Flow Impress [View article]
    Analysts typically have a range of +/- 10% on their ratings so that they don't have to change the rating every week or even every day. So, with a PT of $15, he will keep a hold rating from $13.50 to $16.50. If it moves above or below that he will either re-evaluate his PT, or alter his rating.
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  • Diamond Foods Q2 Results: Gross Margin And Free Cash Flow Impress [View article]
    Not exactly a ringing endorsement by Jeffries, but at least they recognize that Mgt's plan is working (after not believing it in the past):

    - Jefferies analyst Thilo Wrede noted, "We are raising DMND to Hold from Underperform with a new $15 PT as our bear thesis of combined revenue and margin pressure did not play out. Even though DMND continues to face revenue losses, the company apparently cut enough unprofitable SKUs and reduced costs to enhance margins, an event that we had underestimated. Together with the potential for eventually covering the remaining 29% of short interest, we see only limited downside."

    Read more:
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  • Diamond Foods Q2 Results: Gross Margin And Free Cash Flow Impress [View article]
    I really enjoy DMND Snack brands (Pop Secret and Kettle) and feel that portion of the business is worth significantly more than the total today as the Nut business is dragging down the financials. The Snack business is a $450M, 33% GM business growing in the upper single digits w/ margin expansion. That should generate a P/S of about 1.5 ... or $675 market cap. That is $29.22 alone (23.1M shares) ... They should be able to generate about $185M in FCF over the next couple of years ($44M from Oaktree options, and $70M/yr from operations), which will reduce the debt and interest to a point where the value of the snacks should hit potential, and the Nut business should be worth the remaining net debt. That would yield a min $30 target by FY15.
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  • Diamond Foods Q2 Results: Gross Margin And Free Cash Flow Impress [View article]
    Hi Mark,

    There is definitely a rotation going on today. My guess is the volume that built from $12-$17 were not in it for the long haul, and are taking profits and getting out at the first sign of weakness. Doesn't make sense to downgrade here, as the numbers are improving dramatically but I don't expect to be in sync with the analysts. Once the dust settles it will build momentum again as this stock is worth $25 at least.

    My favorite was the downgrade of Apple today from a buy to hold by Jeffries' Brian Misek and lowered his price target to $420. This after he pushed the stock as a buy all the way from $700 down to $430, and then decides to downgrade now to hold! He said he wishes he had recommended to clients to get out of Apple back in Sept, but better late than never ....
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  • Diamond Foods Q2 Results: Gross Margin And Free Cash Flow Impress [View article]
    They're in good shape short-term (at least next 12 months) as they have plenty of capital available to cover all payments into FY14 (no payments due for the rest of FY13). Free Cash Flow has been strong (could be $70M in FY14), and I am sure as the balance sheet strengthens they will look to refinance short-term debt in 2014.
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  • Diamond Turnaround Coming [View article]
    The new mgt team has yet to provide any guidance for investors - if they start today it will really help build the confidence back up with analysts as it will show they understand the business and where it is headed.
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  • Apple Has The Cash To Drive Its Shares Back To $700 [View article]
    I agree with everything you are saying, but there is a correct amount for the cash level (you can't ignore it) - Cash generated is either meant to be invested back into the business at a return higher than the cost of capital/discount rate, or returned to shareholders in the form of dividends or buy-backs (if they don't have enough high ROI projects). Apple should not be in the banking business. This has been the way successful companies have managed their balanced sheets for the past hundred years. A year's worth of opex + capex for AAPL is only $22B - how many multiples of that do they need?
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  • Apple Has The Cash To Drive Its Shares Back To $700 [View article]
    Wiesje - Do you think they can spend $137B + the additional $42B they will add this CY (current dividend will only remove about $10B of that). They currently spend $3.3B/yr on R&D. There is no amount of R&D or reasonable acquisition that can integrated and add value that come anywhere near that $169B by year's end. A lower stock price does have an impact on key employee long-term comp, and a company does have to be careful that they do not lose key people to another company (like Goog or AMZN) being able to offer a much better package due to the stock value.

    Apple is an awesome company, but yielding 1% on the cash does shareholders no good. I am sure they will get a better return on investment buying their stock. If they do what I recommend here, they will return an additional $110B to shareholders by year end, and have $59B in net cash remaining for acquisitions and funding of new growth in operations.
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  • Apple Has The Cash To Drive Its Shares Back To $700 [View article]
    As I wrote earlier, doubling the dividend should drive the stock to at least $605 (3.5% yield). I like the buyback combined with the dividend becuase it lowers the share count, and thus lowers the increase in Q div payout and div ratio substanbtially.
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