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TM Global Capital LTD is a Bat Yam, Israel based prop trading firm. Our traders utilize the most sophisticated and state of the art tools and technology to trade on all major USA markets. Our management team is composed of traders and investors with dozens of years of experience. In order to achieve our corporate vision of maximizing our traders trading experience, all traders benefit from our flexible & competitive commission rates. TMGC offers commission plans charged “Per-Share” as well as “Per-Trade”.

We pride ourselves in providing fast and reliable live assistance to all traders. Our dedicated risk management and support team are monitoring accounts on a second by second basis and are always available ...More

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  • Description: Private equity portfolio manager. Trading frequency: Daily
  • Interests: ETFs, Energy stocks, Forex, Gold, Stocks - long, Stocks - short, Tech stocks
TM Global Capital LTD TM Global Capital LTD is an offshore proprietary equity trading firm catering to international customers.
Advantages of TM Global Capital:
*Extremely Competitve Commission & Payout Rates
*Choice of “Per-Share” or “Per-Trade” Rates
*Full ECN Passthrough
*NASDAQ Platinum Certified Trading Platform
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