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Toby Schneider
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I love the acquisition of the Star Wars franchise. Not only is that an iconic brand, but JJ Abrams is also a strong "brand", if you will, drumming up quite the following. I had a link in my other article about them shuttering much of LucasArts, to include most of the games, TV shows and the sort. This will allow the focus to be on the movies... creating and marketing. I think these are all wise moves.
What are your thoughts? Thanks!
Alessandro, those are great comments! (I made it an Author's Pick!) I think that most agree that as buy and hold stocks go, this is a great one. I will not sell on pullbacks, but rather will look for those as entry points for more. Thanks.
Darren, I think you wrote the perfect closing line to my article! Thanks for reading and posting!
So, yeah, dollar cost averaging/incremental savings. Slow and steady is a good strategy with a company like Disney. Good thoughts. In the last 19 months, it has dipped shortly below the 50 day moving average at 42 and then at 49. If someone were to look at an entry point on a pullback, the next time it drops below the 50 day and then breaks it again, might be a good time to invest a little more if possible.
I like that quote! When you reach an all time high, a pullback of some sorts would be likely. However, last week when the rest of the market took a step back, Disney was still favorable. Dollar cost averaging may be a good way to balance the chance of a pullback or continuing to rise. Do you have any thoughts on a good entry point and/or when you think that might happen? Thanks for reading the article and leaving a note!
Thanks for the comment, Joe. Throw on your Mickey ears and go watch Iron Man 3 this weekend!
Again, thanks for the notes and the critique. I'm not asking for anyone to agree or disagree. What I am asking for is your research if you claim I am wrong (or my research is wrong which I linked to). If I'm wrong I will happily resubmit numbers. Conversation is good.
The #'s I listed are accurate according to the sources I linked to. I'd be happy to correct if you have the source. I don't believe that I am wrong for so many reasons as you said. Of course the HRB online and Turbo Tax are not a 1 for 1 inverse, but if HRB saw an increase, that is a major driver of why Intuit did not have the success they thought they would have.
Mike, I echo most of the comments... very nice article. One question I have is that you've gone from 5 to 27 companies, I understand that you've moved from a lot of mutual funds. I was curious to whether or not you think that's the sweet spot for you or if you were looking to expand even more now. Again, thanks for sharing!
Thanks for reading the article and dropping a note. Kiplinger listed these 3 along w/ two other which are clearly value. You're right not exactly apples to apples. A source I used actually had these 3 listed as Blend. Thanks again for the comment!
BPYHO, Thanks for reading the article and dropping a note. Yes, I'm surprised as well. I agree with you... just a matter of time.
TAS, Ha... that's one way to refer to them. Yes, they are still around! I know many that read it, even though there are all kinds of other avenues to read about investing. I suppose some magazines and their brand have staying power... maybe that's why SI's swimsuit issue is always their best seller, even though there are certainly other options around! :) My goal was to offer up a couple of solutions to some of the top funds and let people decide. Hopefully I was able to do that. Thanks for reading the article and leaving a note!
Seeking Truth, thanks for the note. Yes, I feel that most of the contributors on this site and many of the readers prefer to make their own "mutual funds". Convenience and, as you say less Flash Crash vulnerable. Everyone has their opinions about mutual funds, hedge funds, stocks, bonds, ETF's... the more we all know the better decisions we can make for ourselves. Thanks for reading the article and leaving a note!
Abu, thanks for the comment and yes, that is good food for thought. Obviously I didn't write about the fear the gold sell off had, China's woes, or unemployment reports that has caused the whole market to pullback. As for HRB itself, I think the annual report will be the major factor for a pullback, along w/ the sell in May trend we've seen, and its overbought status as you said.
Milessoldier, I appreciate the compliment. My first article, so it's nice to see favorable feedback!