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  • Early Mantle Results Support AMD's Low Power Strategy [View article]
    @kjurden Thanks. The effect on INTC and NVDA is a difficult one because there are so many moving parts to the computing story. INTC has a Fab problem. It has expensive fabs making expensive chips for an industries shifting away from what they are selling. They cannot continue to sell Bay Trails at a loss to build marketshare for too long.

    I just started digging into AMD's server strategy with Seattle and I wish I was better versed in that part of the industry to intelligently comment on it but my intuition tells me that INTC is in trouble there long term as well.

    NVDA is simply flying into coffin corner and anyone who can't see that simply has blinders on at this point. All of their products are a year late, cost too much, use too much power and are ill-fitted to the future of computing. Oh, and they have ticked off nearly every other conceivable partner which precludes meaningful deep partnerships on new tech.
    Feb 6, 2014. 05:15 PM | 9 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Kaveri Puts Paid AMD's Long Term Design Goals [View article]
    @stock This is a classic example of "hittin them where they ain't". One of the advantages of being small is also being nimble. You are not working against a massive internal culture resistant to change. Read came in saw what what the plan was, looked at what they had in terms of IP and product pipeline and adapted it to a changing computing world.

    Modular designs, reusable IP, and on-die integration are their driving design philosophies now. They are not dictating to the market what is available they are trying to react to what the market wants.

    INTC is still trying to dictate where it wants the market to go.
    Jan 8, 2014. 05:24 PM | 9 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • G20 Sparks Gold's Ugly Sell-Off [View article]
    @Cadgaz You explained something to me that I fundamentally disagree with. Yours is a perspective born of a fraudulent fractional banking system that will always collapse due to competing claims of property for the same assets. Go read your Rothbard if you are confused.

    I don't need a lecture because you don't see the difference between savings and investment. I've explained to you and the readership how I use those terms and it should be clear the point at which one becomes the other and the risk one takes on when that happens.
    Feb 16, 2013. 09:49 AM | 9 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Real Story Behind Gold Demand [View article]

    Keynesians do hate savings. The paradox of thrift is a fundamental attack on the mechanism of capital formation which comes from savings. My Austrian bias serves me very well thank you.

    I'm not about to do this in public because it is pointless.

    Politically Keynesianism rules b/c it empowers politicians and enriches bankers.
    Feb 7, 2013. 06:13 PM | 9 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Numbers Won't Tell The Real Story For AMD's Kaveri [View article]
    @Stock NVDA resisted INTC's overtures back in 2010. Of course INTC should buy in NVDA, but by the time those two dysfunctional cultures are merged, ARMH will have taken over the entire market.

    The time for that passed a while ago, unless INTC is already secretly reverse engineering NVDA's GPU cores to get a headstart. :)

    BTW, the most telling thing from the Anandtech review is just how bad an architecture Iris Pro is at 2014 resolutions/settings. The drop off in performance is stunning (and completely expected) but, of course, none of that was in evidence when the chips were benchmarked and hailed as INTC's savior.

    This is exactly what I was talking about.
    Jan 14, 2014. 09:37 AM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Miserable Housing Data Propels Gold Back To $1400 [View article]
    @Cagdas And yet people keep coming here to read what I write and keep clicking the 'follow' button. When you go back and actually parse my posts properly you will see that I never advocated doing anything other than buying physical gold and silver as a form of savings for when this period was ready to unfold.

    Now, we're here. TIC report negative, physical inventories at historic lows and the big guys all long gold on the COMEX while the idiot hedge funds are on the wrong side of the trade with an historic short position and near record low OI.

    We've been over what happened. Everyone has their theories but the truth is plain to see. Gold is the antithesis of speculation.
    Aug 24, 2013. 10:38 AM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Miserable Housing Data Propels Gold Back To $1400 [View article]
    @F&G I get to be right for 12 years and wrong for 6 months. I'll take that track record and the 500+% profit I've made on my physical G&S every time.
    Aug 24, 2013. 10:34 AM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Will The Fed Spike The Gold And Silver Rally? [View article]
    @alibaba See Gigem's reply. See also my 'TIC-tock' articles on the subject. With capital flight resuming out of SE Asia there will be even more selling of USTs to defend their currencies.

    What do you think the Chiang Mai Agreement is all about? These are China's biggest trading partners now, they will help fund regional stability.
    Aug 20, 2013. 09:30 AM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Trifecta Of Events All Break In Favor Of Gold [View article]
    @Ndras Please feel free to ignore anything written between now and when that happens
    Apr 6, 2013. 12:08 PM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Trifecta Of Events All Break In Favor Of Gold [View article]
    @sandcastle Great metaphor. To which I will add the following. If the Fed and the rest of the central banks are rigging interest rates -- that is their mandate -- and by doing so intervening in the equity markets and the bond markets why is it so hard to believe that they will not intervene in the gold and silver markets?

    It's Occam's Razor, frankly.
    Apr 6, 2013. 08:53 AM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Real Story Behind Gold Demand [View article]
    @JH Exactly. There's no arguing logic with Keynesian dogma. It's a religion.
    Feb 8, 2013. 08:35 AM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Stunning Bond Collapse Will Be Gold's Gain [View article]
    @MI Your argument is predicated on the Fed selling treasuries which it cannot do. In 25 years has the BoJ sold JGB's? Your whole argument is based on the Fed being able to exit its treasury purchases, which clearly will not happen. So, when is your little thesis where you make a killing going to occur? When Pigs Fly?

    My catchy title can be read a number of different ways, you are choosing to read it the way that works your agenda.

    Bonds collapsed yesterday. Period. No argument. The current trend is confirmed. How far this will go in the near term? No idea. On average 0.2% yield above the previous high yield per month max. If the 30 year bond were to rise to 5% this year in the face of the Fed buying 80% of all new issuance would you not consider that a collapse in demand?

    I would.

    My question to you is why aren't you short bonds now? You should have been since July. If you are truly a macro investor you should have seen the situation in July as unsustainable and read the ECB properly. If you are long bonds now you are in a tenuous position. The trend has been against you since July 23rd. After losing the battle to hold 3.0% for 4 months the Fed announced more QE to try and stop prices from falling. did you go long then Now they are at 3.23% and very likely to rise to 3.5% by the end of the month.

    When will you cover?

    I don't care about all of this macho posturing about getting people to apologize or issue retractions or whatever. You seem to think this is a competition when in fact you are nothing but an attention-seeking gloryhound who is way out of her depth.
    Feb 2, 2013. 10:44 PM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Gold Breakout In Process, Thanks To Germany [View article]
    and hence GLD is a gold suppression mechanism. Always has been. so, when it fails because of a failure to deliver what happens to the price of gold?

    I think it kinda goes vertical.

    Personally i don't think that will happen. I will bet on stability, force majeure on the COMEX and the like. Money will be printed and the XAUUSD leaks higher. At some point the rush to physical gold will happen and the Central Banks will breaks ranks and then the real appreciation in price happens.

    It's a war, guys, and the U.S. may not win it. If they don't Gold goes to retarded numbers. If they do, then you're savings have appreciated steadily versus the purchasing power of the dollar. If the Fed crashes the system and gold 'collapses' so will the price of everything else...

    $800? whatever. Corn will be $2.50 a bushel and chicken feed will be $6 a bag again. I'm still eating. But my debts have doubled in cost.
    Jan 17, 2013. 02:08 PM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Gold Breakout In Process, Thanks To Germany [View article]
    @CK2 thank you very much. I believe it's really important to factor strongly politics and the truth behind the headlines into one's market analysis. It helps to reveal the major pivot points in the markets and keep a clear head during the stressful moments.

    It's also why I don't trade anymore b/c I can't keep my emotions in check during those stressful times. By not trading my head stays clearer to try and make sense of the information without having to fight my endocrine system at the same time.
    Jan 17, 2013. 10:46 AM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Don't Believe The Hype In Gold [View article]
    @Kyle Yes, but those things are not happening now. The time to short Gold as a trade would have been last summer after the run to $1900 and gold got speculatively frothy and the Swiss saved the banking world by pegging the Franc to the Euro and buying U.S. Treasuries to offset the Chinese selling.

    Gold is moving towards the financial system -- slowly mind you -- not away from it.

    So, in that sense it is still supremely undervalued relative to either M2 or the Foreign Holdings of U.S. Treasuries, both of which are suitable benchmarks for the dollar price of gold.

    There's always an opportunity to go long or short gold or anything else even within a structural bull market... but Gold has been in a 16 month trading band whose bottom has not been broken despite more than 20 attempts in 2012 to do so ($1525/oz). So, I would think going short here (as a medium term trade) would be foolish. As a trader I'm saying that was the bottom and the rest of this movement is just noise while the next leg higher is being readied.

    If the Fed began another round of serious credit contraction like it did last summer I would be short-term bearish gold. But, the financial system cannot handle that without flushing most of the NY banks. And who owns the Fed again?
    Jan 6, 2013. 08:40 PM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment