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  • Researching And Managing Your ETFs/Funds Can Give You A Huge Advantage
    Fri, Aug. 1 VTI 4 Comments


    • A more and more recurrent theme in fund investing is that broad index funds will be the best choice for investors.
    • Most managed funds tend to perform no better than the entire stock market but with higher fees.
    • Fund returns for the entire stock market as well as for non-core categories likely will vary significantly from each other over periods lasting 5, 10, or more years.
    • Knowledge of these discrepant returns, as well as careful specific fund selection, can point to investments that will outperform the core market averages by significant amounts.
    • Data is presented that shows that even nearly 15 years ago, funds could be identified that would increase an investor's annualized return on each 10K investment by about $5K.
  • Investors' Choices Of Funds/ETFs Tend To Underperform
    Tue, Apr. 1 AGG, BND, BSV 4 Comments


    • Investors are apparently not very good at picking winning mutual funds or ETFs since their most popular choices tend to underperform.
    • ETF investors' choices when held for the longer term perform more poorly than mutual fund investors' choices.
    • ETF investors in particular may tend to pick sub-categories within the stock and bond markets that while perhaps appealing at the time turn out "not the best places to be".
    • Investors can seek out investment companies whose offerings show a majority of market-beating ETFs/funds as compared to those popular funds frequently selected by investors.
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    Editors' Pick • Mar. 15, 2012 VB, VBK, VBR 21 Comments
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