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Long/short equity, special situations, deep value, tech
Tom Shaughnessy
Long/short equity, special situations, deep value, tech
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Excellent Coverage Partner!
Great coverage and write up Mike!
One of the main reasons I invested in NTIP is the market not pricing in the remaining defendants and new portfolios.
This investment is panning out very nicely through execution by NTIP's CEO.
The risks are present, but management is executing strongly.
Trifecta week for the company, three big announcements.
Excellent coverage Sujan. In my opinion, (1) signing an additional bank or (2) additional customers through the current Tier-1 Global Bank are game changers for the company.
Also, thanks for the linked mention.
My Research Report:
Notes From my 1-1 With DIRI's CEO and Marcum Presentation:
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$NTIP Earnings out $12.3M in revenue for FY14, $1.76M Net income vs $1M Y/Y up 74%, $0.07 EPS vs $0.04 Y/Y up 75%. Full Filing:
Full Release:
Our full report released to first members in Late January:
Articles shared on SA are general articles, and are delayed to allow SecretCaps members ample time to review.
I think you are correct that the PoE patent should be considered safe.
Below is my report from February which I recently shared on SA.
I think there are several reasons why the PPS is above the level described, much of it has to do with the company's other two IP portfolios, and expansion of their PoE patent's monetization.
Agreed, the lawsuits are going to get ridiculous
Matt, excellent research and coverage as usual.
We are sharing our original research, to demonstrate the type of content our members receive. We continually update our members.
Further, we believe this article still has valuable content on Asure Software, namely the CEO interview, not found anywhere else.
This written interview is secondary to the separate Recorded Interview at which is more in-depth and has a different set of question and answers.
This article was released several months ago to SecretCaps members, who recieve all content first.
Our latest, and most in-depth report in our opinion, on Network-1 Technologies is embargoed for SecretCaps members only and was just recently released.
Excellent coverage. Great job IP.
Another thought: Raise the money to pay off the Fortress loan to avoid paying them 20% of any non-972' royalties or settlements, or any '972/non-972' bundled deals.
Nice write up Ian. Thanks for sharing your detailed research.
Very intriguing, thanks for sharing.
Great article thanks for sharing your research Sujan. We have, and are also long DIRI.
For more information, our original report can be found here:
and our recorded CEO interview with Matthew Oakes can be found here:
I would like to nominate my PRO articles on XGTI and SPCB.
XGTI was a short article that went from $3.30 to $0.41.
SPCB was a long article I had that covered the acquisition of OTI's smart ID division. This went from $4 to $13 at the highs:
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Nice writeup Alex, thanks for sharing!
Great write up Sujan, Thanks as always for sharing.
Timely and straight forward. Thanks for sharing.
Up to ~$0.30, SSNT's management is executing nicely.
Excellent rebuttal Mike, thanks for sharing.
Lincoln Logs still haven't gone out of style!
Hi Debra, interesting company. What are your thoughts since your original article if I may ask.
Thank you and Cheers,
Hey Edge thanks for commenting. Still long. Analysis and trade info all on SecretCaps
Nice write up Lou, thanks for your report
Well balanced approach and analysis - long as well here.
Good article. CCC is worth a look.
Checking it out now - congrats on the launch!
Thanks Sujan,
Certainly is interesting. Agreed, illiqudity could help both sides (less run with the market and getting in prior to institutions), but your point is well noted.