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  • Tom Shaughnessy
    Short $GME and Long $NFLX , Users can download games from the cloud and Netflix's own shows are a hit (House of cards, arrested development)
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    • Chris Hofmann: while GME might be a little overpriced in the 30s, don't get too greedy with the short. They have lots of stuff going for them.
    • Tom Shaughnessy: Im not going to short them, I just would not want to be long them
    • Chris Hofmann: good thing you didn't short GME!
    • Tom Shaughnessy: Im so happy I didnt! Update me on Unipixel, never got in on it but a lot of legal heat going on?
    • Chris Hofmann: Lawsuits are just Ambulance Chasers. Zero substance. Thesis hasn't changed one bit, just price. Expect positive announcements within 8 weeks
    • Tom Shaughnessy: Thats some clear cut DD! Thanks C
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