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Tom Winnifrith  

Tom Winnifrith founded the share tipping website in 2000 after a ten year careeer as an analyst, journalist and TV presenter. He quit t1ps in September 2012 and now produces his own blog and writes at
  • Description: Journalist.
  • Interests: Commodities, Dividend stock ideas & income, Energy stocks, Gold, Stocks - long, Stocks - short, Tech stocks
COMPANY Tom Winnifrith has enjoyed a 22 year career as a writer fitting in stints presenting TV programmes as a CEO and fund manager. He now writes for eleven British and American websites on finance, politics, economics, sport, travel, food, the arts and anything that interests him. All his work is collated on his ...More
BLOG Links to all of Tom Winnifgrith's writings from 11 different US and UK websites as well as a stack of original content on politics, philosophy, religion, sport and observations on life can be found on this blog.
Letters from the Chestnut Tree Cafe, Thought Crime in Britain and Greece in 2012, 1984 is her at last Letters from the Chestnut Tree Cafe contains the thoughts (often humourous) of a libertairain writer travelling through Britain, Albania and Greece in the summer of 2012. There are elements of the travel writer, elements of the economist as the implosion of Greece is described. But the overwhelming theme is ...More