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Tony Sagami  

Tony Sagami has worked in almost every part of the financial services industry, including a stint as a life insurance salesman for Prudential; a stockbroker at

Merrill Lynch, where he built a successful business catering to the needs of conservative, protection-minded clients in his home state of Washington; a portfolio manager at The Donoghue Group; and later in independent market research, analysis, and publishing, eventually becoming one of the most widely read market writers of the last generation.

Tony has written about market topics as varied as investing in Asia, ETF trading, and finding hidden value stocks, as well as how to use short strategies such as put options to protect downside during ...More

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Harvest Advisors Tony Sagami founded his money management company on the principle that risk is a four-letter word and that the best way to grow long-term wealth is to avoid large losses.

In fact, Sagami believes that capital preservation will enhance appreciation over the long-term.
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