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Old Trader,
FInally, someone who actually is calling it what it truly is! No expert or analyst anywhere wants to use the term stagflation.
I could not agree with you more. We are seeing a replay of the 1970s as it appears economic cycles and history is repeating.
You also are spot on when you say it is the worst of both worlds because you see the rise in the cost of living without the benefit of increased employment or a booming economy.
This environment will make the market a very unfriendly place for bulls. I don't see any major bull market transpiring as long as this scenario plays out.
I could not agree more with your bearish sentiment.
Starting tomorrow I am putting JCG, ANN, ANF, PVH, VFC and RL on my short radar list. Last week, JCG and ANN reported and did very little after the calls. It won't be long this pump in retail stocks will be replaced with a gigantic dump.
I may even try to scalp short ANN right off the open. If the FED reports even a hint of concern regarding rates on Tuesday, these retailers will get hit with a short selling freight train.
I agree with Mr. Dimon. I posted a blog last week pointing out cautious comments from YTEC's CEO, Weidong Hong, regarding the Chinese banking sector.
Once the players themselves tell you there may be red flags, I think the rest of us in the stands should pay attention. Even after the recent correction, China may still be too hot for investors. I, for one, am going to remain on the sidelines.
Boy! I cannot believe everyone is so testy. I am not bashing the stock. I am just suggesting the stock has a 10-15% correction built into it at these levels.
Why not make money both ways? I just sold half my position today with a tidy 4% gain. I have a stop loss set at my entry price of 11.55 taken out yesterday. I still think it sees low 10s near term. By the way, that is a 13% correction. That is a sizeable move in a short period of time in my opinion.
Just trying to make profit. That is what I do.
Thanks for the comments. Most of them have been valid. I actually agree with a few of them.
I am not arguing the soundness of F or the long term health of the company. I admire the company for not taking government stimulus and continuing to make the tough decisions necessary to survive these harsh economic times.
I am simply pointing out a few things that I believe will offer headwinds to the stock, at least in the short term. I think the stock is a little ahead of itself, and I am trying to profit from it.
As far as selling short, we need that in order to have a marketplace. I have no agenda by posting, nor do I have enough clout to move the market one way or the other. I am trying to make money for myself and clients regardless of the market or its direction.
Thanks for the added commentary. I appreciate the thorough and knowledgeable insight from an esteemed professional like yourself. I agree with you that the drug has enormous potential.
I am merely recommending staying on the sidelines to allow the stock to settle down following the FDA approval frenzy and to determine the succes of the launch.
Waiting six months to see if sales start to meet or exceed forecasts and expectations may be prudent. It may take some time for sales to truly help the company move that $1 billion market cap higher.
Also, I still think the company runs the risk of getting hit with a black box warning from the FDA or class action lawsuit due to the seizures. I know the firm is addressing this with educational programs it is unveiling with prescribers and patients, but it still poses a potential risk that I believe merits monitoring first before jumping into the name right here at these levels.
The only thing I am not accounting for at this time is a buyout. That is always a possibility. In that case, I admit $28/share would be cheap.